Impeachment Concerns Impact Trump’s Betting Odds

Trump Impeachment betting Odds

Trump Impeachment betting Odds

Tracking the betting odds for the 2020 presidential election has been an interesting ride. The incumbent Donald Trump may have finally done some series damage to his re-election bid. Known for controversial deeds and actions, his lead in the betting odds are already shrinking. Add in the fact that he could be facing impeachment in the House, and the current odds are in freefall.

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Discover Donald Trumps Odds Of Being Impeached

The newest prop bet on the board at the top Sportsbooks are “will Trump be impeached?” The odds favor YES at -135. The betting odds that he will not be impeached are set at +105. The lone condition on this bet is limited to Trump’s first term.

While he has faced other challenges in the past, his latest alleged offense could cost him that second term. In asking Ukraine to investigate Democratic candidate Joe Biden, even Trump’s most loyal supporters should be concerned. We already know that the Oddsmakers at the top Sportsbooks are concerned with their most updated numbers.

Track the betting odds for the 2020 presidential election

On the Democratic side of the ticket, Elizabeth Warren continues to pick up steam. Once fourth or fifth on the list of hopefuls, she is now the clear frontrunner as a -110 favorite. Biden continues to slip in the race to the Democratic nomination as a +400 second-favorite.

Odds For Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Andrew Yang and Pete Buttigieg To Win

Both Andrew Yang and Pete Buttigieg have gained some recent traction as +1000 third-favorites on the current prop list. Bernie Sanders’ recent health concerns have not helped his cause, dropping to fifth at +1200 odds. Kamala Harris has been unable to curtail her downward spiral over the past few months. Her odds to win the Democratic presidential nomination are now +1600.

There are still are still 16 other names on the list for this prop, but they would all be considered longshots at best. Two of the more interesting betting options are Michelle Obama at +6000 odds and Oprah Winfrey at +10000. I would imagine that both of those numbers would drop dramatically if either announced they were actually running for president.

Trump’s latest political troubles have the Democratic Party in general listed as -125 favorites to win the 2020 general election. The odds the Republicans hold onto the White House are set at -105.

Moving to the updated prop bet odds to win the 2020 election, Trump still tops the list. He was once an odds-on favorite to win, but you can now get +125 odds he is re-elected. Warren has dramatically closed that gap as a +250 second-favorite to become the next president.

The odds start to fall off from there with Biden listed as a +700 third-favorite followed by Andrew Yang at +1500. At +2000 odds to win, Sanders and Buttigieg round out the top six candidates. Harris is further down the list at +3300 along with current vice president Mike Pence.

This prop bet list contains 23 other names with betting odds. Michelle Obama is well down the list at +15000 along with Oprah Winfrey at +20000. Bringing up the rear are celebrities George Clooney and Kanye West at +90000 odds.

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