Intertops Poker Slots Tournament: A Week Full of Major Cash Prizes

Intertops Poker Slots Tournament A Week Full of Major Cash Prizes

Intertops Poker Slots Tournament A Week Full of Major Cash Prizes

Do you love slots tournaments? Intertops Poker is hosting a week-long, $2000 slot tournament that starts this Friday and goes through Sunday. The Intertops Poker team will be giving away over $10,000 in cash prizes to the top five players! All you have to do is play Intertops Poker’s video poker games on your mobile device or desktop computer for about 5 minutes every day during the contest period and get as many chips as possible. Intertops Poker’s Slots Tournament has no entry fee or buy-in cost and there are daily cash prizes.

Enter A Week Full of Major Cash Prizes With Intertops Poker Slots Tournament

Officially, the name of this bonus promotion is called “Intertops Poker Introduces Brand-New Hat Trick Hero from Betsoft in This Month’s $2000 Slots Tournament.” Next week at Intertops Poker, there’s lots of prize money available for you to win in the $2000 slots tournament.July 5th to 12th, you will have a chance to earn points when you play any of the four games in the tournament. The 16 people with the most points on July 18th win some money. First place wins $400 and second place wins $200.

This month’s slot tournament is a thrilling competition with new games and old favorites. The Betsoft tab in the Casino Games section features two brand-new slots (Hat Trick Hero and Mr. Macau) as well as returning fan favorite Fruit Zen. If you want to be crowned champion, then get your chips ready for this exciting event!

The Intertops Poker Manager Has A Few Things To Say

“We have a couple of really cool new games for players to try,” “We’ve also included a couple that our players always play a lot.”

Betsoft’s new Hat Trick Hero game is soccer-themed, which makes it a perfect fit for the World Cup. The symbols in this slot are Wild and three or more trigger-free spins called “Hat Trick Heroes.” Power Shot Symbols move one reel to the left each re-spin until they’re off of them all. Free Spins continue as long as there are still power shots on any of the lines you’ve triggered up with your wager!

You can win some big money with the Power Shot symbols as it rises up on your Score Meter, but you need to be able to hit 15 levels before you are eligible for a potential 1,000X multiplier.

The new Mr. Macau game features a casino in the east, Las Vegas of China to be specific- not that you would have known it from playing any of its games before! With Sticky Wilds and Triple 7 Free Spins on offer as well as a Stick and Re-spin feature this is sure to be your next favorite slot machine.

It’s out with old gamblers like Monte Carlo or Monaco; time for something more exciting than those two mightier cities combined: welcome yet another city into existence in an Eastern land we know now only by name – but soon enough will call home ourselves when gambling there becomes our newest obsession just because they’re putting together one better place after all these years…

If you want to be more successful at a game, it might not hurt to try the new Triple 7 Wilds! This special symbol is sticky for two spins and can award free spins or extra Sticky Wilds. If your spin doesn’t win on its first go, one of these symbols has the chance to stay out as though they were glued in place from then on – until another random symbol hits them during their next turn.

About Fruit Zen

If you’re looking for a zen-like experience, Fruit Zen is the game for you! The cherry orchard may seem serene at first glance, but with an expanding Wild that increases winning combinations and never leaves your hand until it’s played to win something big…you’ll be on edge not knowing what will happen next.

About Super Sweets

Desserts await in the Super Sweets slot machine. Spin to find out what delicious treat you’ll get: from lollipops and cupcakes, to ice cream sundaes topped with whipped cream! Keep your eyes peeled for Sticky Wild symbols on these reels–they can show up any time, anywhere, increasing your chances of a Candy Surprise prize or sending you into bonus rounds galore!

About Intertops Poker

Intertops Poker is always looking to have the hottest games, so they recently added a casino section with hundreds of different slot machines. Whether it’s progressive jackpots or straight up luck-based entertainment you’re after, this website has something for everyone!

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