American Soldier Wins $500K Playing Slots At Jackpot Capital Casino

American Soldier Wins $500K | Playing Slots | Jackpot Capital Casino

Have You Heard About The American Soldier That Won $500K Playing Slot Machines At Jackpot Capital Casino? It is great to hear that someone fighting in the United States military has another victory. This victory comes in the form of five hundred thousand dollars. Jackpot Capital casino launched a press release from London, the UK earlier this week. The press release states how the real money gambler is an American soldier deployed in Kuwait. He went on a huge $500K winning streak playing the Super 6 slot machine! When will return to the United States a wealthy man!

How Did The American Soldier Win $500K Playing Slots At Jackpot Capital Casino?

There is a great story of the American soldier winning $500K playing online slot machines for real money. Above all, the Amerian soldier’s name is Michael M. Furthermore, Michael M has been a Jackpot capital casino customer for a while. However, while playing the online slot machines for real money he was frustrated. As a result, he tried playing a new electronic gambling machine, Super 6 slots. After Michael starts playing Super 6 slot machine, he hits a 10X multiplier! How did Michael hit a 10X multiplier playing Super 7 slots?

How To Turn $116,475 Into $541,090?

Above all, he scores six of the scroll symbols in one spin. As a result, Michael wins one hundred eighty thousand dollars! Also, he scores 6 fan icons on his next spin. As a result, he wins another $116,475. Does that sound like a great win to you? However, it does not equal $541,090, right? Guess what Michael does now? Furthermore, Michael spins the Super 6 slot machine reels and hits five firework symbols. As a result, he wins another twelve thousand dollars, which equals hit five hundred forty-one thousand dollar and ninety cent winnings!

Jackpot Capital Casino Discusses The Big Super 6 Slots Win

Have you heard from the Jackpot Capital online casino manager? Above all, his name is Oliver Smith. Also, he goes on the record to say “Michael’s been playing with us for awhile now,”. After that, Oliver says “It’s great to see one of our regulars have such a run of good luck!”
American Soldier Wins $500K | Playing Slots | Jackpot Capital Casino

What Will Michael Do With His Super 6 Slots Winnings?

Are you curious what Michael is going to do with his winnings? Above all, Michael has some big plans! Furthermore, he is buying a home and an Indian Bike when he gets home. Also, Michael is going to take his family on a cruise and see the beautiful castles in Ireland.

Jackpot Capital casino asks Michael the types of slot machines he enjoys. Above all, Michael says he enjoys playing online slot machines with Asian themes like Super 6. Also, he likes to play Lucha Libre 2 and Keno.


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