Jeju World Casino In South Korea Isn’t Opening Soon

Jeju World Casino In South Korea Opening Stalled

Jeju Shinhwa World Casino in South Korea is not opening anytime soon. While anybody may wish the casino to begin tomorrow, this is impossible. World Casino officials say that this time, the issue is about the license. They agree that they are acquiring the license. Transferring the permission from the past owner is taking longer. There is nothing the officials can do to shorten the period. All they are trying is to do their best. The casino is ready for opening anytime soon.

When Will The Jeju World Casino In South Korea Open?

The original opening date of this casino is December 8, 2017. After weeks of preparations, nothing happens. An announcement from the management picks another time. January 18, 2018, is the date for the opening of the World Casino in South Korea. As people wait in anticipation, another unfortunate statement comes out. Officials say on Wednesday that the resort will not open on January 8. What is funny, this time, officials do not dare to mention the opening date. Available information says officials agree that it will be on a later date.

According to Landing International spokesperson, the remaining issue is taking the business. Landing International is a gaming company from Hong Kong. It wants to start operations on the World Casino. But the gaming company has to receive transfer license. The spokesperson says that they are ready. They have the application. The application is with the relevant authorities in South Korea.

The Government Is Processing Application

”We are submitting our application to move our casino. Currently, the casino is in Hyatt Jeju. But we want it on the other side. The Jeju government is currently processing our application. We expect the casino transfer to go through. Also, this may happen after the next sitting. Provincial Council will take place in February 2018,” the spokesperson says.

28 table games And 16 electronic machines

The gaming company is proposing something bigger. The casino will be bigger than what it currently is. According to the casino officials, the facility will be much better. Currently, the venue has only 28 table games. It also has some 16 electronic machines. Things will be very different when the facility moves. The new facility will feature a whopping 160 table games. It will also be home to 240 video slots. Officials say they will increase everything. Above all, this includes space, gaming equipment, and amenities.

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Jeju World Casino In South Korea Opening Stalled
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Retail space, A Theme Park and Hotels

It is last year when the facility opens its first phase. Among the sections that are in operation now is the convention center. Others are a retail space, theme park and hotels. Even with this percentage of some parts operational, officials say it is not open. They say so because of the casino resort; the primary business is not operating.

On why the company considers the facility incomplete, it releases a statement. Towards the fall of 2017, the company makes an announcement. “A casino is an essential facility. It is essential, especially when the casino is a resort. A casino is in the system to complement better offerings to its visitors. Without a casino, the hospitality experience is incomplete,” World Casino officials say.


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