Casinos In Atlantic City Warned By Casino Union About Serious Financial Consequences

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Atlantic City Gambling Facilities Record An 8% Revenue Increment In September

Unionized casino workers in Atlantic City are about to show their strength as they look to renegotiate contracts with their employers. A refusal to engage in negotiation and respond to workers’ requests, may end up costing Atlantic City casinos much more than they may have been expecting. Per reports, the financial damage may put a serious dent in their successful recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Atlantic City Casino Workers’ Strike Could Cause Significant Damage

The worker unions seem determined to play the final ace in their sleeve and go on strike if casinos continue to hesitate. According to the Local 54 of the Unite Here, the main casino workers union, a strike, if it were to happen, would cost casinos $2.6 million per day. Their current plan to go on strike on July 1 looms large over the casino owners in the city.

The union has done calculations of potential financial damage for every major local casino individually. The numbers say that Borgata stands to lose $1.6 million daily if it gets shut down by the strike. In addition, Harrah’s Caesars and Tropicana, owned by Ceasars Entertainment, would lose $1 million for each day of the ongoing striking actions.

To explain what would happen if the casinos continue to refuse to negotiate, unions mainly used the publicly available data. It has shown that were the strikes allowed to happen, casinos’ third-quarter returns could be reduced by as much as 25%. Furthermore, it may permanently damage the casinos’ reputation, especially with out-of-state customers who may travel to Atlantic City to gamble and find properties shut down.

Atlantic City Casinos’ Ability to Continue Operations is a Key to Negotiation Outcome

However, the union believes that the solution to the ongoing crisis is rather simple. All 뉴저지 카지노 have to do is sit at the table with union representatives and start the negotiations. The main issue are the worker contracts which expired a couple of weeks ago and caused discontent among more than 10,000 casino workers in Atlantic City. After expiring on June 1, the contracts have not yet been restarted which triggered significant dissatisfaction in the workers’ ranks. As a response, the unions have announced plans to go on two strikes in an effort to convince the casinos to negotiate.

First Strike Targets The Hard Rock

The first strike is planned for July 1, while the other, targeted at the 단단한 돌, is scheduled for July 3. So far, the casinos have not offered any response, at least not publicly. While they have remained quiet, there’s no doubt that they’re moving behind the scenes to reach a positive outcome of the crisis. They do have a couple of things that may be going in their favor. For one, not all workers are in the unions. This means that casinos may still be able to gather enough workforce to keep the action going for the time being. Nevertheless, there’s hardly anything good, both financially and reputation-wise, that can come out of engaging in the war with your own workers.

Eventually, it will all come down to how effective the strike can be as a negotiation tool. Casinos hope that they will be able to continue to operate even under duress. On the other hand, the union hopes that timing the strike during the July Fourth weekend will significantly disrupt casino businesses and give them a stronger negotiating position.

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Casinos In Atlantic City Warned By Casino Union About Serious Financial Consequences
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Casinos In Atlantic City Warned By Casino Union About Serious Financial Consequences
Find out what the union had to say about the status of casinos in New Jersey and whether or not it will have a negative impact on their business.
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