Life-Changing Jackpot In Las Vegas, The Gambling Capital Of The World Makes A Magical Moment

Life-Changing Jackpot In Gambling Capital Of The World Makes A Magical Moment

Life-Changing Jackpot In Gambling Capital Of The World Makes A Magical Moment
It has to be considered a magical moment when one lucky player win a life-changing jackpot. It has to be considered each more magical when it happens in Las Vegas. The real money gambling town is the Disneyland for adults when it comes to having fun.

A local Las Vegas news source reported one of those magical wins to kick off the month of December. Only known as Raymond from Texas, he is $100,000 richer after his recent trip to Sin City. He was a guest at The Orleans Hotel & Casino in the downtown section of Las Vegas. While playing the Scientific Games’ Dancing Drums slot, he hit a $100,000 jackpot. The big win took place on Sunday, Dec. 1, 2019.

Magical Aspect Of The Las Vegas Casinos Six Figure Jackpot

The magical aspect of this six-figure jackpot was that fact that the winner had spent just $26 before the machine spun the winning combination. That is not a bad return on investment, especially when you are off of work and on vacation. Raymond’s picture next to the winning slot was included in the post. The ear-to-ear grin on his face says it all. Most big casino jackpot winners choose to remain anonymous. This guy was obviously happy to claim the extra 100 grand.

The Bonus Round On Grand Fu Babies Trigger The Win

The winning machine was in the Bonus Round when the $26 bet hit. This information was provided by a casino spokesperson. Three matching Grand Fu Babies triggered the hit. The match produced the $100,000 jackpot. This was the highest of four jackpots offered by that particular progressive slot.

The wins have been big in Las Vegas this fall. One slots jackpot on the Las Vegas Strip was over $2.2 million. Another gambler recently won $2 million playing Pai Gow Poker. From the Strip to the downtown area, six and even seven-figure jackpots are among the top prizes. One lucky visitor from Ohio walked away with an extra $300,000 playing slots at the airport. It was never mentioned whether he was leaving or landing in Las Vegas.

Sin City Is Still The Real Money Gambling Capital Of The World

Big wins has always been one of the big draws to Las Vegas. Even as land-based casinos started popping across the country. That is why this is still referred to as the casino gambling capital of the world. Along with the sheer number of real money gambling options, Las Vegas attract visitors with its overall allure. Pretty much any vice can be addressed in the town pretty much 24 hours a day.

Many people have found their eventual soul mate when they never even planned to get married. More than a few bachelors and bachelorettes have probably called off their marriages following their visit. While Las Vegas tourism has moved away from the “What Happens in Vegas…” tagline, it still remains as relevant as ever.

One of the big players in the downtown area is Boyd Gaming. This company owns The Orleans among several other casino properties. They get thrilled to death every time somebody wins big at one of their properties. A Boyd Gaming property has been the site of several of the recent big money jackpots.

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