Will The US States That Have Legalized Marijuana Be The Next To Make Internet Gambling Legal?

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Will The US States That Have Legalized Marijuana Be The Next To Make Internet Gambling Legal?

Will The US States That Have Legalized Marijuana Be The Next To Make Internet Gambling Legal?

Online gambling is legal is some of the United States while others there appears to be a grey area. After the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) was established many people through the language was unclear. Some people even today feel that it just applies to Internet sports betting, not playing casino slot games for real money on the Internet.

Throughout the last decade, we have seen some US States like Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey legalize Internet gambling. Many people wonder if the next states that will make mobile casino gambling legal will be the states where marijuana is legal.

Smoking Marijuana is legal is some US states. Some places you can smoke recreationally like in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, while in other states like California and New York you need to obtain a medical marijuana card for medicinal purposes.

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The United States that allow people to people to smoke medical marijuana are Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware , Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada , Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Washington, Vermont and many other states that we will list below.

Will These US States That Have Legalized Marijuana Make Online Gambling Legal?

1. Maine

2.Rhode Island

3. Vermont

4. Maryland

5. Massachusetts

6. Montana

7. New Mexico

8.New York

9. Oregon

10. Pennsylvania

Casino Gamblers Predict The States That Will Legalize Internet Gambling

In the article “Gamblers Predict The Next States That Will Legalize Online Casino Gambling” some casino gamblers predicted that the next three states to make Internet gambling legal are Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and California. Nevertheless there are still several US states that have some form of legalized casino gambling.

Where Can I Bet Trump vs. Clinton 2016 US Presidential Election?

One politician stated “At a certain point, if enough states end up decriminalizing, Congress may then reschedule marijuana.” Do they feel that same about playing a slot machine game for real money on the Internet? Only time will tell and it also depends on who will become the next President Of The United States of America, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Many people feel that more states will make marijuana legal if Hillary Clinton is the next U.S. President. However, some folks think that if Donald Trump is elected the next 2016 USA President that he will get rid of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) based on his own casino gambling interests. Since this article was written, many state laws regarding Pot, online casino gambling and sports betting have been updated.

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Since we wrote this article, many Democrats announce they want to run for the 2020 Presidential Election. Additionally, they are in favor of making pot legal.

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