Let’s Go Brandon’ Crypto Coin Flops

Let’s Go Brandon’ Crypto Coin Flops

With the crypto market volatile as it is, we often see various coins surge for a short period only to take the plunge soon after. That’s exactly what’s happening with the MAGA-themed “Let’s Go Brandon” which is hitting an extremely rough patch.

Let’s Go Brandon Coin Takes a Plunge

The dive LBG has taken is so deep that the total value of all 330 trillion coins is currently only a few thousand dollars. It’s a pretty big U-turn from the days when pro-Trump investors saw it as a chance to get rich quickly. The value of the coin is now 99.5% decreased compared to where it was only a month ago. This means that a single coin is more or less worthless. Near the end of the last year, the “Let’s Go Brandon” token rose very sharply. this was mainly thanks to the pro-Trumpp influencers and supporters. It was even featured on the hood of the car of the Nascar racer Brendon Brown.

Chanting “F*** Joe Biden?

The slogan itself became popular about a month earlier. after Brandon Brown’s post-race interview. As he spoke to the reporter on live TV, the crowd behind could be heard chanting “F*** Joe Biden!” which the interviewer misinterpreted for shouting “Let’s Go, Brandon!” Pretty soon, the slogan became and rallying cry for the pro-Trump crowd. The motto was even used by some high government officials, such as Florida Republican Governor Ron Desantis and Senator Ted Cruz.

“Let’s Go, Brandon”Goes Viral

Indeed, the popularity of the “Let’s Go, Brandon” chant spreads and became viral. Furthermore, a group of crypto entrepreneurs see their chance to make some quick money like they did gambling on ethereum. They create the LBG coin and even try to sponsor Brandon Brown’s racing team. However, the sponsorship proposal fails as NASCAR intervenes.  Moreover, they stop the previous agreement with a company employee. Still, LGB signs a sponsorship deal with the driver. More specifically,  it is for two years and worth eight figures. Nevertheless, shortly after the NASCAR ban, the coin’s value rapidly declined until it became virtually worthless.

Investing in Meme Coins Usually Not a Good Idea

Indeed, this doesn’t surprise most of the crypto experts. The LBG project has a similar destiny to several other meme coins that tries to make money on the viral outbreak. Coins like this one usually have no real value and come crashing down soon after the release. There are plenty of scammers on the crypto market and that’s particularly the case with meme coins.

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Major cryptocurrencies trade in higher volumes

So, even when someone with the inside knowledge sells a huge part of their stake, it rarely has a significant impact. On the other hand, the situation with the less established coins is different. Average investors depend on the will of the insiders, and once they sell their stake the value of the coin steeply drops. LGB liquidity pool was at more than $6.5 million at its peak. However, only a month later, it’s at a measly $10.000. The group behind the “Let’s Go Brandon” cryptocurrency has pledged to return with a new and improved coin for their investors, but the experts remain skeptical.

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Let’s Go Brandon’ Crypto Coin Flops
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Let’s Go Brandon’ Crypto Coin Flops
Have you heard about The Lets Go Brandon Coin? Well, The price of the Let's Go Brandon tanks over 50% in less than 1 week. Currently, the price of LGB Coin is $0.000001 per LGB.
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