Lucky Dragon Casino Fails To Meet Its Projections After A Successful Launch

lucky dragon casino

There is a lot of fanfare and jubilation in the air when Lucky Dragon Casinos opens. Above all, this is happening in December 2016. The name Lucky Dragon comes from sector. 
The facility is on West Sahara Avenue. It is also a few steps from Las Vegas Boulevard. Things are not right with the facility. 
Although there are lots of hopes during the opening, things are not the same. The casino now claims that things are not good. It is super slow to pick. 
Signs show that even if many things take place, it will still be difficult. The facility picks a name Lucky Dragon from the Chinese. Also, This is an ingenious way of drawing clients from the east. But it is not working.

Why Did Lucky Dragon Casino Fail To Meet Their Projections?

When the facility opens its does to the public, it is clear who the target is. Many people know that the operator is looking to host many clients. Many of these clients are Asian travelers and Asian Americans. Lucky Dragon is a 203-room boutique hotel. The facility has some 27, 500 square feet. During construction, the casino’s COO says that a lot is happening. David Jacoby means that the interior décor is in a manner that reflects the east. “The whole place is particular for Feng Shui. You can see that from the color patterns, to the carpets, and to where the seats are. Even where the cash is, all these are for the east,” Jacoby says. 
The first months after its opening, Baccarat seats are always full. You can tell the same with the facility’s $10, 000 VIP program room. The number of visitors checking in is growing each day.
lucky dragon casino

Hainan Airlines introduces direct flights from China to Las Vegas

There is something more. Hainan Airlines introduces direct flights from China to Las Vegas. This latest development is a clear indicator that the facility will be the next big thing. 
But things are not as the operator thinks. The interior décor, direct flights to LV and the $10, 000 VIP program are doing nothing. Today, Lucky Dragon receives very few visitors.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal Staff Visits Lucky Dragon Casino

This latest turn of events is worrying. The operator is wondering what to do. Las Vegas Review-Journal staff is making several evening visits to the club. The revelation is not encouraging.

The journal reveals that the number of visitors is dropping fast. There isn’t much traffic in the facility. Most seats at the main hall are empty. Above all, this is giving the operator sleepless nights.

In one recent visit by the journal, staff finds a handful of slot players. The Marquee restaurant, which usually has many people, has only 14 guests.
lucky dragon las vegas casino
The low attendance is creating speculation. Many people out there are saying the facility is underperforming. But the top management is refuting these claims. It means that this is a reasonable thing in the hospitality and tourism industry. 
During last week’s interview with one of the local journals, Jacoby says remarkable works. He doesn’t agree that the numbers are going down. Instead, he says the facility is growing. 
”It’s fun to see this place grow … to a place that’s now. The facility has an international reorganization. We want it to emulate Chinese casino industry. That’s what everyone wants,” says Jacoby.


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