There’s Need For Gaming Inspectors As Macau Resorts’ VIP Sector Showers In High Revenue

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There’s Need For Gaming Inspectors As Macau Resorts’ VIP Sector Showers In High Revenue

Casino operators in Macau have every reason to smile after the rise in revenue collection.Both the general public and the VIP sectors brought in good returns for the first quarter of the year as gaming investors continue to reap from the hard work of their investment.

Even as the gaming sector continues to record high returns in both sectors, many gaming observers are now thinking hard on ways gaming can be inspected even more. They are now calling for the authorities in Macau to look into ways the 39 gaming facilities can be properly inspected.

Compared to 2016’s revenue performance in the same period, there was a sharp upsurge for the first four months of 2017.

However, not all can be said that was swift for Macau casinos. While most facilities made real money online casino gambling sites, gaming facilities such as Wynn Macau had a rough start for the year.

The resort’s management revealed that it incurred a big loss last year.

For instance, in 2015, the resort had a total income of $310.2 million. Wynn Macau recorded only $184.8 million the same period in 2016. That is a huge drop.

Things started to take a different turn for the better when the year approached its last quarter. In the month of August, most gaming resorts ion Macau started to record high revenues compared to the same period the previous year.

That has been the overall case until the first four months of 2017. Perhaps, March Madness had a role in the increase.

In general, revenue collection for all Macau’s gaming resorts rose to about 13 percent when compared to the same period a year earlier. The VIP alone had a revenue collection increase of about 16.8% when compared with what the sector collected the same period the previous year.

Mass market revenue for Macau casinos also had a new peak of 8.5% with slot machines’ collection recording a new value of 13.3% and products of the live multi-game collecting an increase of 6% increment.

More Jobs

With new revenue peaks in all the 39 gaming facilities in Macau, the community is also gaining. Casino operators are now hiring more staff who will take care of the increasing numbers of visitors who check in various gaming resorts.

Currently, there are only 120 gaming inspectors. With the ever-increasing number of employees, operators, gaming resorts and visitors who check in Macau casinos, there is dire need to add the number of those that will be responsible for the inspection of the facilities.

“With this massive number of casinos and their staff to inspect, adding the number of gaming inspectors is in order,” said Paulo Martins the head of Gaming Regulation Division

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