Mega Moolah Gambler Pockets $8.7 Million, Setting New Slots Jackpot Record

Mega Moolah Microgaming Slots

This week will always be remembered by bettor around the world as Mega Moolah slots jackpot entered a new record when a gambler got away with a whopping $8.7 million.

Because of the large sum of won during the mega slots jackpot, the gambler who won asked not to be named.

Mega Moolah Gambler Pockets $8.7 Million, Setting New Slots Jackpot Record

It should be remembered that in 2015, a record was made in the online gambling sector.

However, this year’s slots machine jackpot seems to be something appealing to all people who are fascinated about gambling.

When confirming the news, Isle of Man developer said that the winner’s name would not disclose, but he proved that he won $8.7 million when taking part in sports bet at Tipico Network in Malta.

It is not the first time gamers have made real money online casino gambling sites a goldmine. Approximately 12 months ago, another gambler walked home with $8.6 million. Then, it was the greatest jackpot in the history of mobile slots.

The winner was also taking part in the Microgaming progressive jackpot. We did not expect someone to win the prize this big this year’s

When speaking of winning, David Reynold, the Microgaming Publisher said that he is personally thrilled by the fact that 2017 has started off well with his company giving out that amount of money.

“In behalf of the enterprise, I’m personally pleased to see the setting of our record year after year is fantastic. Last year, when a bettor won $8.6 million, it was a history made. Now, we do not know even what to say but to say big thanks to Tipico gambler for participating in this life-changing event that will always remain in history books particularly on mobile slots,” said Reynold.

Microgaming progressive jackpots differ from traditional gaming prizes. The land-based paid to winners in agreed installments. The difference may take many years before the winner receives all the money. At times, the winner is asked to reduce the won jackpot amount by a certain percentage if they want to receive the money at once.

After this week’s Microgaming progressive jackpot has given a gambler several happy days, it has since reset to $1.5 million.

With $8.7 million gone and the jackpot reset, the value of the Microgaming progressive jackpot is likely to gain value at a fast pace maybe because bettors are hoping to win as the new millionaire.

In 2015, John Heywood, a soldier from the United Kingdom won $20 million. 2017 winner is the biggest online slots in history so far.


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