Mississippi Gaming Commission On Crossroads On Diamonhead, Biloxi Casinos

Mississippi Casinos Gambling

Mississippi Casinos Gambling

Diamonhead and Biloxi, two gambling casino developers are eagerly waiting what the Commission on Gaming for Mississippi will say on the beachfront parcels of land the two resorts are interested in.

Although it has never been thought that the beachfront parcels and the entire place would ever have a land-based casino, the commission’s positive decision will have a very positive impact in terms of revenue collection from real money USA online casino gambling sites.

According to gaming developers and some local observers, if the approval is granted to the two companies, it will mark the start of a tremendous and lucrative gaming business in the Mississippi beachfront. Many other gaming companies will also develop interest in developing gaming resorts in the area thus grow the economy.

It is not the first time developers have shown interest in the Mississippi beachfront. RW Development, a gaming company set foot in Mississippi beachfront in 2008 to try and convince the local municipality but their bid failed.

Six years later, in 2014, another gaming development company, Jacobs from Colorado, made an attempt to try and push for the construction of a gaming resort in Diamonhead. The project did not materialize because he was refused permission.

It was after those several years of heated battle that the two companies decided to take the matter ahead. Their decision to challenge the refusal did not go to court but to commissions that are appointed to make decisions on gambling.

Now, their hope rests on the commissioners. In order for their request to go through, the commission, which is made of three persons, must have an unanimous vote. Failure to do so will mean that they either head to the courts where they did not want to go or wait for other companies to file the claims afresh.

Their initial bids to construct gaming resorts in the beachfront plots have failed because of ‘unfavorable’ land legislation.

According to the commissioners, the state has had a law for a long time now, which says that any developer, who is interested in establishing a gaming resort must be in the control of that parcel of land, or own the parcel on which he or she wants to do the construction.

Sadly, neither Jacobs nor RW Development owns the parcels on which they want to build.

RW Development lawyers have said that they will not stop at anything but to take the matter head own in their representation of clients. They argue that the law does not clearly define who should control the land so close to the waters.

“The way the commission reacts to our request is like there is something wrong to the law. Their decision will not only have an impact on the two plots but also will stretch far beyond these properties,” said RW Development attorney.


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