New Jersey Voters Reject the Increase of Casino Gambling Beyond Atlantic City

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Indeed, will Atlantic City retain its four-decade monopoly on gaming? Well, This was the powerful declaration that New Jersey voters make last Tuesday. Ultimately, this is after the ballot question fails by more than 1.5 million votes.

So, Where Is The Increase In Revenue Coming From?

Indeed, The question on whether or not to expand casino gambling to North Jersey was put on a referendum Furthermore, this gives residents of the state a say in the matter. However, the result of the vote makes history in New Jersey. Moreover, they defeat the ballot question. Also, this is the largest margin in any referendum in the state’s history.

New Jersey Casino Gambling

Well, Is Online Casino Gambling Helping?

The last closest referendum in terms of votes defeating the ballot question by barely 500,000 votes. This occurred in 1987 where a proposal had been floated to build a professional baseball stadium at the Meadowlands. On early Wednesday morning, the results show that the casino question was rejected by 78 percent, compared to the 22 percent who were in support.

The referendum proposal was aimed at requesting voters to approve the amendment of the constitution, allowing the state to build two additional casinos in the state. These would have been built 72 miles north of the Atlantic City.

Fierce Arguments

Although the issue generated fierce arguments from both sides, the supporting side halted its advertising when polls showed a dismal possibility of success a month to the vote. Regardless, the referendum attracted heavy spending from the two sides. Also, each trying to rally voters to their side.

Yes, there are different groups, which was labeled ‘Our Turn NJ’. Furthermore, Paul Fireman funds this project. If you don’t know Paul Fireman, he is the Reebok CEO. Also, Jeff Gural is a developer. Moreover, they both gave a statement after the vote. Additionally, they say this disappoints them.

According to the two, the referendum result did not represent an actual rejection. Especially, to the expansion of gaming. Instead, they claim that it was the rejection of New Jersey’s current political climate. Also, they feel it is an indication that they present the facts wrong to the voters.

Appear Hopeful

The two, however, seemed hopeful, saying that NJ would have to relook at gaming expansion anew. This, they said, could only happen when a transparent and competitive plan on how gaming can work is presented to the people.

The referendum result was as a result of a broad coalition of unions, small businesses, residents and community leaders, all of whom worked together. This is according to the executive director of ‘Trenton’s Bad Bet‘, the opposing group.

This verdict now means that it is only in Atlantic City. However, this is within the state of New Jersey. Ultimately, where casinos run their business. Furthermore, this sustains the decision the voters make in 1976 when they first approved gambling halls in the state.

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