Gambling Giant Discusses How Gaming & NFT’s Will Fit In The Infinite Open World Metaverse

Gambling Giant Discusses How Gaming & NFT's Will Fit In The Infinite Open World Metaverse

The legendary gaming company, Atari SA, is about to dip its toes into the metaverse and NFT market. According to the reports, the gaming giant will launch its own version of the metaverse. From what we know by now, it will be an open-world game with a gambling twist. The new Atari project will also feature NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

The Atari Casino metaverse will be an infinite open world where players will be free to roam around. It will feature casinos, cars, yachts, basketball courts, and plenty of other cool features. Players will be able to choose their character and customize it. The new promotional video also promises over 100 million NFTs within the game.

Accidental Launch of the New Platform

However, the company has recently accidentally launched the platform ahead of the scheduled release time. Many fans noticed that the images from the video game don’t match those from the promotional video. The platform has been taken down since and is not available anymore. The company’s representative has published a tweet saying that the platform players had a chance to see for a short period is indeed real. Still, it wasn’t supposed to be up and its accidental launch is a result of a human error.

The screenshots published in the first reviews of Atari Casino are rather crude and seem unfinished. Most likely, what we’ve seen is only a test version meant for internal use and not the final product that will be there on the official launch.

New Game Packed with NFT and Crypto Features

The players in the new Atari game will have both the classic account with username and password and crypto wallet. To play the game with real money, players will be required to purchase the Atari Token. However, funding the account will likely cost more than $100 worth of Ethereum fees.

Reviewers also noticed that the game features a stand where players will be able to buy NFTs that they can use as unique outfits for their characters. This option, however, was not yet fully operational in the test version. In addition to outfits, players can buy apartments in the virtual city where the game is played. These also come in the form of non-fungible tokens.

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NFTs are the Next Big Thing in the Gaming Industry

The NFTs are slowly becoming a must-have feature in a number of new projects by the largest gaming companies. Ubisoft is also entering the NFT market with a new game. The new title, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, will feature in-game NFTs and is likely to be only the first in a series of NFT-based games from this developer. The company has recently announced its new platform, Ubisoft Quartz. It will allow players to earn NFTs while playing and also buy and sell them. The platform runs on Tezos blockchain that is supposed to use 2 million times less energy than Bitcoin mining.

According to the company’s representatives, Ubisoft Quartz is the first step in creating a full metaverse. It comes after Ubisoft has been exploring the NFTs for several years. In 2019, they developed a prototype game HashCraft and supported NFT startups such as NBA Top Shot and Axie Infinity.

Source: Gaming Giant Atari Accidentally Launches Its ‘Infinite Open World’ Metaverse With Gambling And NFTs From Benzinga.

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 Gambling Giant Discusses How Gaming & NFT's Will Fit In The Infinite Open World Metaverse
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Gambling Giant Discusses How Gaming & NFT's Will Fit In The Infinite Open World Metaverse
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