North Dakota May Soon Become A Commercial Gambling Center If Current Bill Becomes Law

North Dakota Casino

North Dakota Casino

A new casino bill before the assembly in North Dakota may soon make the state a commercial gambling center enabling it to create real money online casino gambling sites an industry that fetches a larger portion of revenue.

In recent days, Standing Rock residents of North Dakota have experienced massive protests that have marred the area following the order by President Trump to continue with the construction of the pipeline project.

According to many people, most of whom have been participating in the demonstrations; it will be tougher for the Tribal group if the new bill that has been brought to the house for deliberations is finally made into law.

The bill that was authored and presented to the house by Al Carlson, the House Majority Leader, among other things proposes the construction of at least 6 commercial gaming resorts that are owned by the state.

Among the regions that the bill proposes the gaming facilities to be built, is the Upper Midwestern. Feel free to read the article Bad Weather, Massive Protests Affect Revenue Collections In Standing Rock Sioux’s Casino.

If that takes off as it is now, it means that the Native Tribal group will face stiff competition from the yet to be constructed gaming resorts if the bill is finally embraced.

Those who have hopes with the bill making progression, the Republican administration might bring the question to the public through a ballot, which will give them a chance to cast their vote on whether or not to legalize commercial gambling and finally operationalize state-owned casinos. That would be somewhere in 2018.

Speaking of how he feels about the people of North Dakota, Carlson said recently that he is still optimistic after what they did with the marijuana bill.

“People of North Dakota have in the past shown that they have an open mind towards what will help the state get more and more revenue. They did that when they cast their vote in support of the medical marijuana bill and I believe they will consider the same for the casino bill because it is also a revenue booster,” said Carlson.

Currently, in North Dakota, all notable forms of gambling are left to tribal groups. There are no commercial forms of gambling. However, pull-tabs, bingo, and blackjacks are available in taverns and bars, but only operate in the charitable gaming law.

But if finally the North Dakota casino owners make a decision of embracing the legalization of commercial gambling resorts, then Carlson’s initial idea will flourish.

The bill also talks of making gaming resorts have more-destination oriented resorts. This way, the social amenities will carter for a larger group of people including visitors from other countries. There are also chances that a gaming commission will be formed, which will handle gambling issues.

The Plight Of The Sioux Tribe

When Carlson authored the casino bill, which seeks to legalize commercial gaming resorts, he did not know that there would be demonstrations that would rock North Dakota.

Those demonstrations have for now paralyzed businesses because of the closure of the main entrance to Sioux Tribe’s major source of livelihood, the Prairie Knights Casino.

Even as Carlson maintains optimism about his bill, the Sioux Tribe’s lives are in danger.

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