One Person Dies In Las Vegas Strip Shooting

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Vegas Shooting

Vegas Shooting

At least one person has been confirmed dead following the Las Vegas Strip shootout. Although the person arrived in the hospital in a critical condition, which according to many people was evidence of his demise, it was until a hospital staff confirmed that the news about his death spread.

According to preliminary investigations, police said that unknown gunman locked himself inside a private bus along the Vegas strip.

He started shooting aimlessly to passersby, something that alerted the police who were manning Boulevard highway that is usually busy during weekends.

Shortly after the gunman initiated shots, police were forced to barricade the road for some time to try and contain the situation. During that time, it was evident that anybody inside the bus including the gunman was in danger.

Visitors who had checked in the nearby Cosmopolitan Casino did not enjoy their games following the intense shootout. A good number of customers were seen leaving in haste from the parking lot as others rushed outside on Saturday afternoon. Read the article Downtown Las Vegas Aims High As Nevada Casinos Record $1 Billion Revenue Collections over here.

When most gaming facilities anticipate making real money online casino gambling sites the best way to make a fortune on weekends, it was not easy for Cosmopolitan on Saturday thanks to the shooting that led to the partial barricading of the Boulevard Way.

Shortly after the shooting, news spread fast on social media that quite a number of people had lost their lives in the incident. However, police and hospital authorities were quick to refute such reports as mere propaganda that was aimed at causing panic to motorists.

Police had to close part of the Boulevard road that leads to town and Cosmopolitan casino for a short period during the operation that led to the shooting of the gunman who later died on arrival at the hospital.

Part of the road that was closed is Harmon Avenue and Flamingo Road in order to make it easy to apprehend the gunmen.

However, according to eyewitnesses, after several pleas from the police for the gunman to surrender failed, they overcame the gunman by badly wounding him.

He was confirmed dead shortly after his arrival in hospital.

After the operation that lasted not more than 45 minutes, the barricaded part of Boulevard Road was open and motorist were allowed to use it. However, police reinforced their surveillance in case there was another gunman at the scene.

Although no further information was given by the police following the gunman’s dead, they said that they did not believe any other armed person remained at the scene.

Donald Sloto

Donald Sloto

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