Stacked Wild Symbols | Examples How Slot Machine Icons Work

Examples How Stacked Wilds Work

Electronic gambling machines have a lot of features to help players win like stacked wild symbols or stacked wilds. Every faculty, every industry and virtually every sector in this world has terminologies that are solely used to mean different things that are never used anywhere else. The gaming industry is not exceptional. Certain languages are used to refer to many things that are only found therein thus it is important to know what the terminologies mean and use them.

Hitherto, no one can aptly say the exact number of the terms used, but one thing is clear: whether they are many or it is just a small number, it is important that players know their meaning and use them. That’ll be the only way one can say that they fully understand the game.

Learn About Stacked Wild Symbols

To illustrate how important it is to know the terms that are in use in a particular field, think of a motor vehicle mechanic. While the worker may not know the name of every spare part of a vehicle that has been brought to him for repair, what it would be like if he didn’t know the essential parts of the vehicle he or she is repairing.

What if the part he is repairing is not known to him and that the faulty part is huge and cumbersome for him to carry to the dealer for replacement? It will be a challenge to try to buy and replace what you do not know. The same can be said of a gamer who doesn’t know particular features of a game or slot and even symbols but claims to be an online slots enthusiast.

In the gaming industry, many names are used to refer to different things and features that are in a particular game or particular groups of features. One such a term is stacked wilds or stacked wild symbols. A mentioned, it is important to know the meaning of these terminologies. What are stacked wilds or stacked wild symbols for that matter? How do they look like and what do they stand for? Stacked wilds are features or symbols that when seen in a game, they are likely to cover the entire reel.

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Examples How Stacked Wilds Work

Stacked wilds or stacked wild symbols are usually in a band, thus when they appear, they almost fill the entire reel. In fact, because a single group of stacked wilds is likely to cover the entire reel, they are usually in 2, 3, 4, or even five symbols.

Stacked Wild Symbols
Stacked wild symbols behave differently in different types of slots. Some slot machines can have stacked wilds cover every reel when they appear while in some cases when they drop, they appear in a few reels. But a majority of the slots with stacked wilds have them appear on every single reel.

It is interesting to note that in some slots, stacked reels appear only during free spins or bonus games. But what is the use for stacked wilds? Every game that has stacked wilds is known to be a slot with bigger payouts. For that reason, stacked wilds are very important in determining the kind of online slot machine you’ll play.

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