Pechanga Resort & Casino Raises the Stakes with 4-D Slots

Pechanga Casino Resort Raises the Stakes with 4-D Slots

Pechanga Resort & Casino Have Raised The the Stakes with 4-D Slot Machines! Steady and consistent advances in technology have radically altered the way people live their lives these days. Personal handheld mobile units are a constant companion, and about every aspect of your daily routine involves the use of a highly sophisticated electronic device. Check out the 4-D technology slot machines

When Is The Pechanga Casino Resort Raising the Stakes With New 4-D Slot Machines?

When it comes real money gambling on slot machines, recent advances in technology are taking on a whole new dimension. In an the last post on The Press-Enterprise by Stephanie Schulte, the whole concept of 4-D technology was discussed as it applies to a new gambling machine at Pechanga Resort & Casino in California.

International Gaming Technology Introduces Real Money Gambling Slot Machines

In March, International Gaming Technology introduced a real money gambling slot machine called Sphinx 4-D to the gaming floor at Pechanga. The primary difference between a 4-D slot machine and the more traditional 3-D versions involved the use of gesture recognition, enhanced surround sound and elevated high-definition graphics according to this report. Both types of gambling machines allow players to reach out and interact with the available floating graphics. The 4-D machine takes things one step further with an enhanced version of this interaction.

Enjoy Playing The Sphinx 4-D slot machine

The Sphinx 4-D slot machine can be changed from day to night while players reach out to touch floating coins and butterflies to win a jackpot. The machine also offers a chair that rumbles and vibrates as it is played. The report goes on to state that right now Pechanga is the only real money casino in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties in California with this 4-D technology.

The Sphinx 4-D Slot Machine Has Amazing Sound Effects And Sensory Features

Some of the other unique aspects of Sphinx 4-D mentioned are numerous sound effects and sensory features that help bring this game to life. For example, when a player earned a bonus round on the penny slot machine a puff of air is emitted to create the sense that you are being touched by orbs or coins while the chair vibrates and correlating sounds come out of the machine’s speakers. Players do have the ability to dial down the intensity of these sensory features to a level that is comfortable for them.

The slots director for Pechanga Resort & Casino is Anthony Zamora. He was quoted as saying, “The concept is that players will be able to feel what they see on the screen. Guests have reported the game is fun to play.”
Pechanga Casino Resort Raises the Stakes with 4-D Slots

Giving Traditional Slots Players At Pechanga Resort & Casino In California An Enhanced Experience

The whole concept behind the 4-D technology of this nature is to give traditional slots players at real money casinos an enhanced experience. This technology is starting to spill over to skill-based games, rock’n’roll themed machines and pop culture games. This new generation of gambling devises rely heavily on the combination of sight, sound, and touch. This is accomplished through the use of high-tech visuals, state-of-the-art sound systems and added motion into the unit itself.

A picture of Sphinx 4-D in the post looks like something right out of the future with everything connected in a coordinated fashion to deliver a dramatic presentation that cannot be found in even the newest 3-D slot machines.

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