Pennsylvania’s Slot Machine Revenue Slides Downward in July

Pennsylvania’s Slot Machine Revenue Slides Downward in July | PA Casinos

Pennsylvania has shown itself to be one of the more progressive states the nation in recent years when it comes to its laws governing real money gambling. After going all-in on land-based casino resorts across the Keystone State over a decade ago, last fall it passed a gambling expansion bill to make it one of the most gambling-friendly places in the United States.

The growth of the real money gambling industry had remained steady into 2018, especially when it came to slot machine revenue at its 12 land-based casino resorts. In a recent report on CISION PR Newswire at , slot machine gross revenue figures for the month of July were released by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board on its official website.

Why Did Pennsylvania’s Slot Machine Revenue Slide Downward in July 2018?

The slot machine revenue for the month topped out at $203,634,985.78, which was 2.6 percent lower than the revenue figure of $209,124,966 from the same month last year.

According to a chart included in this report for the individual revenue figures at all 12 casinos, seven of the real money casinos ended up in the red. The biggest loss on a percentage basis was at Mount Airy Casino Resort in the Pocono Region located in the northeast corner of the state. Slot Machine revenue declined 10.54 percent from $14,714,440 to $13,163,220. Mohegan Sun Pocono was down 8.84 percent from $18,604,195 to $16,959,855.

The biggest casino property in the state is Parx Casino, based in Bensalem as part of Philadelphia Park horse racing. This real money gambling venue actually posted a slight increase in July with $34,711,359 in slot machine gross revenue, which was .77 percent higher than last July’s figure of $34,447,096.

Second on the list was the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem with $25,766,910 in slot machine revenue in July. This was down 2.56 percent for the same month in 2017 at $26,443,321. The biggest percent increase for any of the 12 properties was at Valley Forge Casino Resort, just outside of the Philadelphia metro area. This casino went from $7,260514 million in slot machine revenue in 2017 to $7,616,719 in revenue this past July to reflect an increase of 4.91 percent.

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Real Money Slots Brought In $106,153,882 Pennsylvania Tax Revenue

The tax revenue that was generated in the state from the play of real money slots was $106,153,882. This figure represents the tax revenue prior to any adjustments by the PA Department of Revenue. The Gaming Control Board figures also included that there were 25,641 slot machines in operation during the month of July 2018. This compared to the 25.584 machines in operation during the same month in 2017.

As additional background information on the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, it was formed to oversee all aspects of the state’s real money casino industry for land-based casinos as well as the expanding online casino gambling industry at licensed and regulated internet gambling websites.

Any new initiatives tasked to the board are part of the Race Horse Development and Gaming Act. This was a direct result of the approval and signing of Act 42 in October of 2017. There are 10 stand-alone and racetrack casinos in the state along with two gambling venues classified as smaller resort casinos.

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