Pixel.bet Is Set To Change The World Of eSports Wagering Thanks To Its Dedicated Platform

Pixel.bet Plans To Change The World Of eSports Betting

If there is a time the world of eSports betting is charging, is now. This year, Pixel.bet, a new gaming site in a beta mode will change pretty much everything on eSports wagering. Above all, this is a gaming site that is set out in Malta. The specialist platform is robust. It will ensure that those who are placing their money online will get real value.

For many years, online sites are offering their clients traditional betting. Also, this is a betting that does not make any difference from casinos with live dealers. But with the introduction of Pixel.bet, everything is bound to take a different turn.

How Is Pixel.bet Going To Change The World Of eSports Betting?

Millions of punters from different parts of the world will access this premium brand. They will love how fast and quick they can access games. Players will not only be able to enjoy games but also place money on events. Most of the events will be happening live. That is how the platform will be different from others. Many players will be happy to play some games for the first time. According to Pixel.bet, some of the available games include Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike. Others on the list are the prestigious tournaments.

StarLadder, Wargaming League, and ESL One

Players should be ready to place money on StarLadder, Wargaming League, and ESL One. This eSports betting USA platform is the first one of its kind. Players will expect for the first time to get exceptional customer support. Players are free to make inquiries anytime. It will be only a matter of seconds before they get the help they need.

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Besides, players will be able to place bets on their favorite teams. It will be easy to pick the teams from a variety that will be on the platform. Even at its fledgling stage, a few guys who are testing the platform say it is superb. Most importantly, this is a clear indicator that clients will get top-notch user experience. Also, this is because many features aim at benefiting the client.
Pixel.bet Plans To Change The World Of eSports Betting
This eSports betting platform is an ingenious creation by E-Sports lovers. The good thing is that it is also an ingenious solution to E Sports lovers’ problems. For this reason, many players will love this idea. When creating this platform, it is clear that the developer knows the market. The developer knows what the audience needs. For this reason, the developer is a leader, giving players the right inspiration. Richard Smith, the platform’s CEO believes that for now, players do not get what they deserve. Also, this is one of the reasons why there is need to come up with something worthwhile.

eSports Betting Players Will Get The Attention They Deserve

“At present, eSports betting fans do not get the service they deserve. They are unable to get their favorite games. Games are somewhere away in a small corner of a huge sports betting platform. In this corner, the focus is football or tennis. We want to change all that. That is why; Pixel.bet is focusing purely on the games players love. We know what they want because we also want,” says Smith.

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