Pragmatic Play Now Has An Elite Team Thanks To The New Chief Commercial Officer

New Elite Chief Commercial Officer At Pragmatic Play | Gambling News

Pragmatic Play Limited has appointed a new Chief Commercial Officer. The person who is assuming duties immediately has experience in the iGaming sector. Melissa Summerfield is the new CCO. Melissa is coming in as a powerful force. The lady is so influential that when she comes on board, a lot is expected. Before joining Pragmatic, Melissa is working with a rival company. In her former station, Melissa has a big job. She is in charge of all commercial and strategic operational growth of the company. Check out the video about Pragmatic Play Limited.

Pragmatic Play Now Has An Elite Team

When in her former post, she is in charge of the larger Latin America, Spain, and Gibraltar. She holds the post of the Vice President. In giving her praises, Pragmatic says that Melissa is a core figure in the iGaming industry. The company says that she is into gaming for the past 15 years. For this long, Melissa works for several gaming developers.

Melissa Summerfield Is The Reason BetVictor Is So Big

There is no single docket that Ms. Summerfield is in that fails. Every docket works. She is the reason why BetVictor becomes a big company. In case you do not know what BetVictor is, it is important to remember that it is a household name in Gibraltar. All these are thanks to Melissa’s efforts. Ms. Summerfield works with this gaming supplier for 15 years. During these years, she aims to make the company a big thing in Gibraltar. Also, this is what she does to the gaming producer.

Bwin Party Digital Entertainment

For now, the gaming company which Melissa is working for many years is a rival company. She will bring the same expertise to Pragmatic Play. The gaming software supplier is in Malta. BWIN, and BetVictor are not the only gaming software developer Melissa works with. After working with the company for long, she moves to Party Gaming. When at Party Gaming, she holds positions of influence. She serves the company for a few years before she moves to another gaming company. This time, Summerfield is the employee of Bwin Party Digital Entertainment.

When the latter company is now under another developer, Melissa continues to work. She oversees the new developer create a name for itself when it comes up with over 50 titles. This time, Melissa is working with the wagering software developer as Head of Gaming Operations.

Will Pragmatic Play Continue To Grow?

While in this position, Summerfield brings practical changes that make the company what it is today. So, this is the kind of a person that Pragmatic Play is bringing on board. She is a qualified, competent and a person with hands on. What do some employees have to say about Summerfield? One guy who does not want to hide his joy is Yossi Barely. Also, this is the Chief Business Development Officer. He is so happy that he feels that things should start as early as yesterday.

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New Elite Chief Commercial Officer At Pragmatic Play | Gambling News

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He says that he is a happy man because Summerfield is on board. Yossi describes Summerfield as a lady with all the qualities a severe company needs. “She has the depth and the quality experience more than any of us here. I’m happy that she is finally one of us,” Yossi says. The CBDO is aware that with Melissa’s coming, Pragmatic Play will head far.


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