Richard Branson Hosts Virgin Hotels Las Vegas “Unstoppable Weekend”

Richard Branson Hosts Virgin Hotels Las Vegas “Unstoppable Weekend

Richard Branson Hosts Virgin Hotels Las Vegas “Unstoppable Weekend

Business and life in Las Vegas continue to return to normal in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. With more and more of the general population is getting vaccinated, it’s business (and fun) as usual in Sin City.

Meet Sit. Richard Branson & the Incredible Team behind Virgin Hotels Las Vegas

As the founder and principal for the Virgin Group, Richard Branson knows the power of promotion. That is why he was in the center of all for Virgin Hotels Las Vegas “Unstoppable Weekend” party. This event took place this past weekend serving up some ‘vintage Vegas hospitality’.

His official title was the Master of Keys at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. The official opening party took place on Friday morning, June 11. The billionaire entrepreneur stood out in the crowd. Branson wore a cherry-red top coat to resemble a ringmaster.

He was pictured in a oversized white bath tub with fake bubbles. In the background was his backup band of revelers. Later in the proceedings, he was seen handing out replica antique room keys.

They could unlock the treasure chest of:

His cast of glam-rock models formed a spectacular entourage as it weaved away around the casino floor. Liz Massei was visiting from Berkeley, California. While dining at The Kitchen at Commons Club, she won a $100 poolside credit.

As part of the Virgin Hotels family, her son Justin Massei is the co-owner of the resort’s sportsbook. Known as Money Baby!, this book also features a popular bar and restaurant. Ms. Massei went on to add:

“That’s why we’re here, for the opening. I’m thrilled but I’m so horse from the concert last night.”

As part of the celebration, Christina Aguilera, Flo Rida and Mix Master Mike performed on stage.

Richard Branson Does Q&A About The Virgin Galactic VSS Unity Craft At The Kassi Beach House

Branson also took part in a 20-minute Q&A at the Kassi Beach House. One of the main topics of conversation was his Virgin Galactic VSS Unity craft. This is part of his company’s own space travel program.

Competing against another billionaire, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, the two men are in a race to space. Each is vying to become the first private entity to travel to the stars. Branson added:

“I have dreamt of going to space since I saw the moon landing when I was a teenager. We are tantalizingly close.”

Virgin Galactic was founded 17 years ago and it has been working hard on this dream ever since.
Branson went on to down play the competitive aspect of this race. He added:

“We don’t see it as a race, and obviously it makes a good press for it to be a race…I know Jeff well and neither of us see it as a race. But we see it as, going to space in pioneering a way for thousands of people who will want to have the chance to get to space in safe vehicles, so the second we have a date I will let you know.”

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