Rivers Casino In NY Fined For Allowing A Minor Gambler In Premises

Rivers New York Casino & Resort Schenectady News Article

Rivers Casino In NY Fined For Allowing A Minor Gambler In Premises

Andrick Singh would be a happy man today if he had the age that is allowed by the federal law to practice gambling.

He checked in to Rivers Casino and participated in a sport he loves-gambling. However, it seems that the management or dealer did not notice before he started to play that he is a minor. Granted, minors are not branded on their foreheads.

Whether Singh used skill, wit or it was just lucky, he was almost going home smiling thanks to him hitting the jackpot. But immediately after hitting the biggest prize, it was discovered that he is a minor who was not supposed to be in the facility in the first place.

It should be remembered that Rivers New York Casino just opened the other day and it seems that it has started with controversy.

Following Singh’s participation in a gambling activity, within the premises, the gaming facility has been fined $6, 000.

All would have gone well for Mr. Singh but as he was collecting his price, he was apprehended and following a short interrogation, it emerged that his age is not eligible to gamble.

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Unfortunately, after spending almost two hours on the slot machine trying to learn the tricks that could help him win, which he did, he encountered a bad ending.

When Singh went to collect his $1, 326 jackpot prize, Singh was asked to produce his credentials that would help him receive the money.

His failure to produce the required identification documents triggered the management who realized that he was indeed a minor.

After the unfortunate incident, the resort reported the act to the GC, which responded by fining the casino $6, 000 for their lack of proper operational surveillance, which would identify the minor before he even started playing.

Charles Wiff, Rivers Casino spokesman said in a statement that they had to report the matter because it was their obligation.

“It is an unfortunate incident. We felt so bad that a minor entered to play the slot without us noticing. However, when the time came for us to identify the minor, we reported the matter to the GC. Whatever the outcome, we are prepared to face it because it was done within our premises,” Wiff said.

Casino’s Fault

When Singh entered the casino, the guard at the entrance inspected his ID and realized that he was 21, the age that is not permitted by law to even enter a gaming facility.

Nonetheless, he allowed him.

Later, Wiff defended the guard saying that he lacked sufficient training.


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