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Florida Legislature Inches Closer To Making New Gambling Reforms

On Thursday, Florida’s both chambers seemed to be too close to procuring a deal that would see the state have a new set of legislation that will be used to oversee gambling activities.

The deadline for the deal has been set for May 5, 2017. Before then, legislatures whether in the House or at the Senate should have agreed on what to do to reform the Florida gaming sector.

Before the Senate, chief House negotiator Jose Felix Diaz is prepared to give a very convincing and severe justification on why he along with others on his side are fighting for new regulations.

Although many gambling bills have been discussed and decided by the two chambers mostly on separate occasions and following different styles, this is the first formal setting of its kind when the two chambers are faced with a challenge to find an amicable solution regarding which laws should be used to govern gaming activities.

Their deliberations come at a time many gaming investors are making real money online casino gambling sites their primary source of earning a living.

On what is seen by many observers as seeking ‘selfish’ interesting, the two chambers are against each other. While it is evident that the Senate is thrilled by the gaming expansion idea, the ‘traditional’ House is reluctant on any bills brought before it with the aim of either expanding or enacting laws that seem to favor gambling activities.

These perennial differences are likely to spark division as the May 5 deadline approaches fast.

House Seems To Give In

Following weeks, months of intense opposition to any expansion proposal, the House finally seems to be taking a different position. Though its Chief negotiator, the House said that it is willing to see what it has to do to respect the May 5 deadline in which an answer has to be forged.

“We’re very much aware that time is not on our side. We will make severe and substantive deliberations that will finally lead to a consensus with our friend the Senate. We are serious this time round, and before May 5, we’d have had a perfect solution,” said Diaz.

The Chief negotiator’s words on Wednesday meant that finally, the House had agreed to settle on what the Senate proposes: to authorize the decoupling for racetracks, which in the end would say that tracks will not be violating any law if they offer gambling games in their venues without necessarily hosting live racing.


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