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Playtech Unveils King of the Underworld For Bingo | Gambling News

Are you looking for free online bingo games? Recently, Playtech has come out with new free online bingo games. Anytime one of the top online gaming companies announces a new entry to the field, it becomes big news for avid players all over the world. Are you looking for free online bingo games no download? Take a look at this section over here.

When it comes to Playtech, it becomes headline news. In last month’s press release posted on the Playtech website, its award-winning Age of the Gods game suite has moved into the realm of Bingo with a brand new slots offering, King of the Underworld. It was officially released on July 10.

What Does Playtech Unveil Free Online Bingo Games?

This is the second Bingo slot game to become a part of this highly popular gaming series; Age of the Gods. King of the Underworld has been designed to create a quest to save lost souls while trying to score a few big wins along the way.

When Will Playtech Unveil The King of the Underworld For Bingo?

A direct quote from this release goes on to describe the experience as follows, “A visually striking game with an immersive, engaging theme, King of the Underworld features a series of legendary figures from Greek mythology, including Underworld messenger Hermes, Persephone, Queen of the Underworld and Cerberus-the infamous ‘Hound of Hades’.”

Most importantly, the slots game was developed by Playtech Bingo content studio. Furthermore, king of the Underworld gives players a wide range of features. As a result, these features offer a number of different ways to win. Therefore, there are Wilds and Scatters along with two bonus rounds.

First of all, one of the bonus games is Gates of Hell. Players are forced to choose the right door to the Underworld in an effort to save a lost soul. If the wrong door is chosen, Cerberus will be released to bring this bonus round to a close. The other bonus round is entitled Thread of Fate. In this round, players will have to put their future into the hands of the Fate Sister goddesses to hopefully have them weave their magic in their favor.

Enjoy Playing Bingo slot Age of the Gods: Lord of Lightning

Bingo slot Age of the Gods: Lord of Lightning paved the way for this latest release. King of the Underworld is tasked with continuing the ‘cross-vertical expansion’ of this widely popular series. In another fairly recent development, Playtech has made Age of the Gods available for Poker and Live Casino in addition to the original Casino slots series. Playtech’s IMS platform has achieved best-in-class status and its strong brand presence has created an opportunity for ‘cross-sell between verticals and increased long-term player engagement’ according to this press release.

Angus Nisbet is the Managing Director of Digital Bingo at Playtech. He added, “Age of the Gods is one of the biggest success stories in original iGaming content of recent years, so we’re delighted to bring the brand to Bingo. Our in-house team has done a sterling job in creating a game that captures the look and feel of the Age of the Gods series, whilst still offering a distinct appeal in its own right. We’re very proud of the finished product, and I’m confident players will love King of the Underworld too.”

Playtech was founded in 1999 and premium listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange. The company has gained the reputation of being a technological leader in the gambling and financial trading industries.

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