Infectious 5 xWays Slot Machine Review By Nolimit City Gaming

Infectious 5 xWays Slot Machine Review Nolimit City

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Welcome to the Infectious 5 xWays slot review. Nolimit City is a casino that offers various games for people who want to have fun and win. One of the most popular slot machines on their site, Infectious 5 xWays, has been played by thousands of people and continues to be one of the most played slots in Nolimit City. Sign up for one of our best online casinos we have listed that have Nolimit City casino games like the Infectious 5 xWays slot machine.

This new slot from Nolimit City has a bunch of superheroes. They are in an adventure game and it is very exciting. The provider of the game has many different features that have been shown to be very interesting.This slot has a lot of ways to win. When the reels start, they will soon spread from one reel to another. So you have many chances to win.

There are 5 superheroes in this slot. Their names are Havoc, Mind Flayer, Torch, Misery and Toxicity. People want the people who live in the city to be able to live peacefully without violence or chaos. Visitors also want a good time in this slot game.Spiderman’s uncle said that “with great power comes great responsibility.” Now, 5 new superheroes are here to help us find big wins.

Learn The Details In This 5 xWays Slot Review

Infectious 5 xWays is a video slot from Nolimit City. It has 5 reels and 4 to 8 rows. This means that 1024 ways to win could be up to 110592 ways to win using the xWays and the Infectious xWays mechanic. When you buy the game, you might notice that there are two versions. One has a 96% RTP and another one has a 94% RTP. If you use Bonus Buy, the RTP will change since it may have 3 or 4 Bonus Infectious Spins with an RTP of 96% and 96.33%.The slot game has a 96.81% Return To Player rate. This means that for every dollar you put in, you will get almost 97 cents back. The game has high volatility and a 31.34% Hit frequency, so you have to keep playing to win big!

There are many different superheroes and many different features. Sometimes it can be hard to understand, but then you get used to it.This game has a wild symbol, xWays, and free spins. The free spins can have Toxic Hazard or Lock N’ Load. The bonus can also be called Mayhem Mode.

Infectious 5 xWays Slot Information

Fight to keep the city in balance. There is an infectious virus that spreads fast, but heroes fight to stop it.This is a video slot that can be played on different devices. This game is like all of the other games by Nolimit City. If you get a winning combination, then it pays out from left to right.

In the game, all of the letters are worth 10 points. The 5 heroes are worth 20 points. You can win more than 100 points with just one letter!The wild symbol is a yellow W and the scatter symbol is a red barrel with Bonus. The xWays symbol plays a big role in this slot. If you land it with the wild, you get extra money. There are some features that only happen when you have xWays symbols: golden Infectious 5 has high value.

Infectious 5 xWays Slot Features

How much can you win in the Infectious 5 xWays slot?

Winning an average-sized 5X bet at the Infectious slot machine from Nolimit City can award up to 55555x in return.

What features are in the Infectious 5 xWays slot?

The following are specific features: Wild Symbol, xWays, Infectious xWays, Bonus, Infectious Spins: Toxic Hazard, Infectious Spins: Lock N ’Load.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol on this game helps make more winning combinations. When it is on the reel, it substitutes for other symbols except for the xWays and Bonus symbol.


This symbol has a special power to change into another symbol. It can turn into more symbols than just Wild and Bonus. It will make the reel bigger by getting 2 or 3 of the same symbol on it.

Infectious xWays

Land xWays and Wild symbols together on the reels. When you get to see the xWay’s hidden symbols, all of that symbol type will expand to the same size.


There are 4 different bonuses you can take advantage of. Depending on how many Bonus symbols you land, you can choose from them.If you land 3 or more Bonus symbols, you get to choose between Toxic Hazard and Lock N’ Load. If you land 5 Bonus symbols instead, the Mayhem Mode will be activated which is an upgrade of both Toxic Hazard and Lock N’ Load.

You can collect Bonus symbols during the Bonus mode to activate the Mayhem mode.If you get 3 Bonus symbols, you get 1 extra spin. If you get 4, then you get two extra spins. These bonuses do the following:

Infectious Spins: Toxic Hazard

Depending on how many bonus symbols you land, you can get 9 or 10 Infectious Spins. If a wild symbol lands in the middle of the three middle reels, then that is when an xWays symbol will happen too.This game has something that makes it easier to get higher scores. Infectious xWays can only show Toxicity, Misery, Torch, Havoc and Mind Flayer.

Infectious Spins: Lock N’ Load

You can get 7 or 8 spin when you land 3 or 4 bonus symbols. Wilds land on the middle three reels and they might have a multiplier – 2X to 3X. Wilds are special because they stay on the reels for the rest of the spins. If you land on Infectious xWays and Wilds on your first spin, you will get 1 extra turn. This means that the game will continue. If you land an Extra Wild, it guarantees that there will be more turns in the game.

Infectious Spins: Mayhem Mode

This feature can be activated in two ways. Collecting 5 Bonus symbols in the base game or collecting 5 Bonus symbols in Lock N’ Load or Toxic Hazard.You can get 10 and 12 spins on Lock N’ Load: Mayhem Mode and Toxic Hazard: Mayhem Mode. All the heroes Toxicity, Misery, Torch, Havoc and Mind Flayer will turn into a golden Infectious 5 symbol. Golden Infectious 5 symbols will only show up on the board when they are used.

Bonus Buy

If you want to activate any of the 4 bonuses, you can use the bonus buy feature. You pay between 75X and 555X to activate it.

Infectious 5 xWays Slot Conclusion

The slot “Infectious 5 xWays” from Nolimit City showed many good things. There are features about it that we have seen before, but this time they seem better. We saw one of these features in a game called “East Coast vs West Cost,” and we liked it so much that they made another game. The slot machine is a game that starts with 5 reels and 4 rows. But it can be up to 8 rows if you have xWays. So with 1024 ways to win, you can also have an incredible 110592 ways to win.

xWays are a symbol in the game that is like a wild symbol. When this symbol lands on an active line, it can turn other symbols into more of the same type of symbols. It does this by showing 2 to 3 of the same types of symbols below it and spreading from there.

The game has the same symbols that become bigger when they appear. When you have this many ways, it is really fast and can change your previous 1024 ways to win into 110592 ways to win.

In the game xWays and wilds are in a perfect balance. You get to choose which is your favorite.

Although the theme and features of slots can be different, they always have two things in common: high volatility and winning big. Here we can win up to 55555X the bet.

Infectious 5 xWays is a slot game that can create an amazing number of different ways to win. The Infectious xWays mechanic can help you win big.

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