Springbok Casino Salutes Female Power For Mothers Day

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Springbok Casino Salutes Female Power For Mothers Day

This month, as Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world, Springbok Casino pays tribute to Female Power in the Wild. This month’s feature gives ten examples of African animals that live in social systems where strong females are dominant. From lionesses who rule the pride to hippopotamuses who lead their herds, these powerful females are an inspiration. Springbok Casino salutes all mothers for their strength and resilience!

Salute Female Power For Mothers Day With Springbok Casino

For Mother’s Day, Springbok Casino has published a feature about African animals in which females are in command. They’re giving everyone 25 free spins on the new Copy Cat Fortune slot until May 31, 2022. Officially, the name of this welcome package is “Springbok Casino Celebrates Mother’s Day with Tribute to Female Power in the Wild + Until May 31st, players can take 25 free spins on new Copy Cat Fortune.”

Springbok Casino honors Female Power in the Wild this month, as Mother’s Day is observed throughout much of the world. Springbok Casino pays homage to Female Power in the Wild this month, with ten instances of African animals that dwell in complex social systems and are ruled by strong females.This month, Springboks can earn 25 free spins on the new Copy Cat Fortune slot machine from Realtime Gaming, a game with their Reel Copy innovation.


To get your 25 Free Spins on Copy Cat Fortune sign up through our “Springbok review” and use the coupon code LEADERSHIP before May 31, 2022.

About Female Power In The Wild

Elephants live in groups of females that protect each other. They also celebrate when a calf is born and mourn when someone dies.

Naked Mole Rats live their whole life underground. They are the first mammal found to have a social organization where only one ‘queen’ has babies.

Lemurs also live in groups, and the leader of the group is called a matriarch. She decides when the group will eat, sleep, and travel.

Queen Bees rule the hive. Their only job is to keep the hive going by laying eggs in the honeycomb structures of the hive.

Lions live in groups called prides. The female groups in the pride actually work together to hunt. The males get to eat first, though.

Meerkats of the Kalahari Desert live in groups called mobs. These groups have several families living together, and the group is usually led by a dominant female.

Spotted Hyenas live in groups called clans, which are led by the females. These females are more aggressive and larger than the males.

Bonobos (similar to chimps) live in groups led by an old, experienced matriarch. This matriarch is kind of like a Super Granny.

Orcas, or killer whales, live in groups with their mothers for life. They travel and hunt together in groups known as matrilines.

Taking a bit of a different angle on female power, Preying Mantis are sexual cannibals: females are known to eat their mates after sex.


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The loin and the lioness is the queen bee of the jungle and this month, we celebrate all powerful females. Whether players are a sister, wife, mother, or daughter, we salute your strength and resilience. At Springbok Casino, we are committed to giving players the best possible gaming experience and that includes features that celebrates our African heritage. Be sure to sign up for exclusive no deposit bonuses through PlaySlots4RealMoney.com so you can enjoy some real money casino games in celebration of Female Power!

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