Bad Weather, Massive Protests Affect Revenue Collections In Standing Rock Sioux’s Casino

Prairie Knights Casino

Bad Weather, Massive Protests Affect Revenue Collections In Standing Rock Sioux’s Casino

The crude oil Dakota Access oil pipeline that is under construction and bad weather are among the reasons why Prairie Knights North Dakota Casino has had low revenue collections in the recent past. Making real money online casino gambling sites has been a challenge to the North Dakota tribal group Standing Rock Sioux.

Led by the tribe’s leaders, the native group argues that were it not for the brutally cold winter, and the massive demonstrations over the construction of the Dakota Access, they would not made the loss that is estimated to be $6 million in just a few days.

They say, “Unless something drastic is done, we’ll lose even more money because very few visitors check in our Prairie Knights Casino. We are scared that if things continue this way, we’re soon closing down the facility because without enough revenue, we cannot able to run the business.”

Prairie Knights, the only gaming facility owned by the group, is established at a parcel of land on the reservation in Standing Rock. Building a crude oil gateway at the reservation will surely affect the tribe’s source of revenue that runs their livelihood.

Speaking of the drastic fall of visitors who check in the casino, Jerome Long Bottom, the tribe’s financial officer said,

“Things have actually fallen off the cliff. The number of visitors checking in just plummeted the moment they shut off the bridge.”

Main Entrance Cut Off

Highway 1806, which is the main road to access the gaming resort from the north, has since been shut following massive demonstrations the day Trump’s administration approved the controversial construction of the crude oil tunnel.

For now, anyone interested to reach the Prairie Knights gaming resort would be needed to drive for over 90 minutes before they finally reach this recreational point.

Obama’s administration was forced to stop the construction of the tunnel when it realized that the tribe had no other place to go after setting their operations on the site.

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With the new administration, the construction has started and things seem to move fast in spite of the demonstrations that have been mounted mainly by those that were ordered to vacate from the reservation.

North Dakota’s Transportation Department confirmed that Highway 1806 still remains shut even after police dispersed a few demonstrators who had remained in the area.

When police went to the field last week, they managed to make 10 arrests that were later charged in court for holding unlawful demonstrations. Click here to read the article Casino Bill In South Carolina Likely To Suffer Defeat.

Still Optimistic

Because the only challenge for now is the indefinite shutting off Highway 1806, business leaders from the area believe that things would normalize once access to the area is granted.

Prairie Knights gaming resort employs 350 people most of whom come from Standing Rock.

In a bid to try to maintain good public relationship, E.J. Iron, the General Manager said that they will do whatever they can within their disposal to increase sales.

“As we approach summer, we will look at areas where we need to improve in order to recover,” Iron said.

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