Station Casinos’ Jumbo Hold ‘Em Poker Jackpot Pays Out $230,971

Station Casinos' Jumbo Hold ‘Em Poker Jackpot Pays Out $230,971

Station Casinos' Jumbo Hold ‘Em Poker Jackpot Pays Out $230,971

Bad beat jackpot is not something that comes very often. But, when they hit, it’s one of the best things that can happen to a poker player. The win amounts they bring to players are usually staggering, not to mention that everyone at the tables takes a piece. One of these fantastic bad beat jackpots hit on Tuesday at an off-strip casino in the Vegas Valley.

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Huge Bad Beat Jackpot Hits at the Boulder Casino

The bad beat progressive jackpot provided by Station Casinos hit during the game of Jumbo Hold Em Poker. It all happened at the Boulder Casino located on Boulder Highway in Sunrise Manor, Nevada on Tuesday Night. According to the casino, at the moment it hit, the bad beat jackpot was worth a staggering $230,971.

In the game that delivered the big prize, the winning hand was a royal flush. The lucky loser, who triggered the progressive jackpot had quad As in his hands. The winner of the hand took home the prize of $23,097. The loser pocketed the biggest share of the jackpot, $34,646 to be exact. Other players that were at the table when the jackpot landed scored $11,549. While the game at the winning table was played, 108 guests were at the other tables belonging to the casino operator. Everyone who was lucky to find themselves playing poker at one of the Station Casinos in this fortunate moment on Tuesday night shared a total pool of $161,679. Each of these players received a reward worth $1,497. Besides poker players at the Boulder Casino, this also included gamblers at the Red Rock and Santa Fe Poker Rooms. Check out the no limit holdem tournament video below.

What is Bad Beat Jackpot?

In general poker terms, bad beat jackpot refers to the hand when a player has seemingly very strong cards but still ends up losing. This is one of the toughest blows a poker player can receive and almost every poker player has at least one bad beat story.

A lot of casinos are offering players a chance to soften this blow with the bad beat jackpot. They’re usually progressive as players at the bad beat tables pay a slightly higher rake with a percentage going to the jackpot fund. The longer a poker room goes without a progressive bad beat jackpot, the bigger it will get.

Usually, the player who lost a bad beat hand gets the biggest share of the jackpot. The winner of the hand receives a slightly smaller prize. The rest of the funds are divided among the other players at the table. Some casinos share the jackpots among all players playing at bad beat tables no matter if the winning hand happened at their game. This often stretches to several casinos run by the same operator.

Every poker room has its own rules on what is considered a qualifying bad beat hand. However, most of them require losing hand to be four-of-a-kind or better. Some casinos may add additional requirements. For example, they can require both hole cards to be a part of both winning and losing hands.


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