Casino Security Team Apprehends Las Vegas Gunman

Casino Security Team Apprehends Las Vegas Gunman

On Thursday afternoon, the Santa Fe casino was the scene of the shooting that luckily ended with no lives lost. The more violent situation was avoided thanks to the swift action by the casino and their response to the Las Vegas gunman shooting. According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, one person was injured.

Santa Fe Casino Security Deals with the Active Shooter

The police responded to a call about a shooting accident shortly before 2:45 p.m. on Tuesday. In no time, the Santa Fe casino premises were swarmed by the Metro police. The reports suggested that there was some sort of disturbance involving one of the security guards and another man. Allegedly, the man in question shot the security guard. The shooter was swiftly corraled by the other members of the security staff before being apprehended by the police officers.

The incident started as the suspect tried to cash in a forged check at the casino’s cashier cage. He was confronted by a security guard named Winston Bouman which led to a struggle between the two men and eventually, shots being fired.

Las Vegas Gunman Shots Fired

The Lieutenant at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, William Matchko commended the security staff at the casino for their reaction and noted that their role was crucial in preventing a more serious and possibly fatal incident.

Casino guards were able to take down the potentially dangerous suspect and detain him in custody until the police has arrived. Matchko added that this situation should serve as an encouragement to regular citizens. They can rest assured that establishments such as the Santa Fe casino in Nevada are doing everything in their power to provide a secure environment for their visitors.

The casino officer who was injured received multiple gunshot wounds…

but had no life-threatening injuries. At the moment, he’s successfully recovering in the hospital. The shooter was identified as Michael Casper, a 33-year-old man from Henderson and is now facing charges and awaiting trial. The police released the statement saying no one else was hurt. The casino is still open and continues its operation.

Proper Security Training Crucial in Keeping the Visitors Safe

One of the leading experts in hospitality security, Adam Coughran, noted that the speed with which security staff reacted had a huge influence on the outcome of the incident. It’s important in the event of incidents like the one on Tuesday afternoon that security people take the action and physically restrain and stop the suspect to prevent further injuries. Coughran also added that the action Santa Fe’s staff took on Tuesday goes beyond what they normally deal with but casino guards normally get more training than their counterparts in other industries.

They take up the continuous developmental training…

that involves active shooter response, dealing with workplace violence, and securing the property. The Las Vegas name recognition allows casinos to find and invest in the best possible security staff in order to make their customers feel safe. The approach to security in these establishments is very proactive which is necessary to keep the people visiting secure and away from any harm. The most important thing when an incident happens is to squash and stop it quickly, so everyone, including guests and employees, can go on about their business.

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Santa Fe Casino Security Team Apprehends Las Vegas Gunman
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Santa Fe Casino Security Team Apprehends Las Vegas Gunman
The Las Vegas casino security took swift action to prevent a more violent situation at the Santa Fe Station Casino, Nevada.
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