Taj Mahal’s Signage Ignites Legal Battle At eBay As Two Companies Claim Ownership

Trump Taj Mahal Casino Gambling

Taj Mahal’s Signage Ignites Legal Battle At eBay As Two Companies Claim Ownership

The name of 45th U.S. President might remain longer in the limelight. This is after it has been used for a long time to make real money casino gambling sites. However, for now, it is for the wrong reasons.

Although Trump’s name was officially removed from the building, which was home for the Atlantic City casino that Donald ran for years, it is likely that the name will be more accustomed for courts than any other name in U.S. history.

First, it was US President Donald Trump himself who faulted the company, which occupied the premises after he sold it. Trump had reached to a consensus with the group that took over the business that he would leave the name on top of the building for as long as the deal seemed sweet for both parties.

A few months before the contract, Donald sued the company for neglecting their duties of maintaining the facility thus his ‘lofty’ name was discredited. Following the battle, he asked his name to be brought down from the building.

However, years have passed since his lawsuit until recently when the signage was officially brought down from the shuttered business.

The latest legal battle involves two local companies who claim ownership of the iconic signage in Atlantic City. Have you read the article Carl Icahn To Finally Surrender Taj Mahal’s License, Likely Not To Reopen Atlantic City Gambling Resort.

On what many people consider sarcastically, one group, the plaintiff, claims that they bought the signage from an unknown worker outside the building in order to recycle the material used to make the name.

RUMP, the name of the group, claims that they acquired the name for $250. Coincidentally, the group did not buy letter ‘T’ from the worker thus only acquired ‘RUMP’, what was of interest to them.

The group recycles urban materials and uses them to make profit thus they wanted the name as a means to revamp their brand name on eBay.

Letters’ Bid Rises

Barely a week after the group purchased the letters, which were then placed for bidding; interested people were willing to pay as much as $7, 500.

While the group was eagerly waiting for the bid to go higher and higher, eBay suspended the bidding thanks to Taj Mahal Associates and Eastern Sign Tech, who raised a complaint asserting that the name was actually stolen.

In defense, buyers claim that they are the legitimate owners of the letters. They maintain that as they were driving along Atlantic City, precisely past the building, they noticed the name being taken off the building. That was on February 16, 2017, the day the President’s name was lowered from the building.

Upon realizing that the letters were bound for destruction, they agreed with the worker to purchase them at a throw-away price, leaving behind ‘T’.

It Was Stolen

The worker, who reportedly sold the letters claim that he does not remember selling the letters.

He said that the sign might have been stolen before it was transported to safety.

Now, the letters’ buyers demand a $100,000, which they believe bids would rise to had the defendants not intervened.

On their part, Taj Associates and Eastern Sign want the sign back.


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