Texas Casino Bill Likely To Create At Least 9 Commercial Gaming Resorts In Lone Star State

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Texas Casino Bill Likely To Create At Least 9 Commercial Gaming Resorts In Lone Star

Texas State is in the process of deliberating on a casino bill that if effected, will be one of its kind.

Introduced by Joe Deshotel, the State Representative, the bill seeks to increase the number of gaming facilities in Lone Star.

According to those who propose the Texas casino bill, they argue that if that is finally effected, the 9 casinos that are proposed, according to the author of the bill, will help the state make real money online casino gambling sites a big industry.

Many people are now saying that Joe’s casino bill has good intentions as it is. If it maneuvers through the preliminary state, the bill will heading to members of the public for their opinion on whether or not it should go on as it is.

So, What’s New With Texas Casinos?

On the other side, it might lead to a constitutional amendment that will allow for broader legislations, which will act as reinforcement to casino laws.

Joe is not new to such bills. Two years ago, Deshotel introduced another casino bill before the house. Compared with the current casino bill that seeks to expand the number of casinos currently in Texas, the latter dwindled and died without people’s knowledge.

He is, however, optimistic that this time, it will definitely succeed.

The Public Opinion

At least, Joe has a lot of support both from the general public and opinion makers who, like him, believe that if the number of gaming facilities is increased even if is by a half what his bill proposes, the state will reap a lot.

In fact, according to Joe, Texas will get enough revenue to run most of its developments. Additionally, the industry will reach a broader area thus employ a lot of people.

While there are many big things in Texas, there is only one gaming facility in the whole state. This is something that saddens Joe.

“It is sad that in the whole state, we have only one casino, at least, one official gaming facility-Kickapoo Lucky Eagle gaming resort, which is established on the Kickapoo sovereign lands.

Kickapoo Eagle Casino is only a few meters from the American-Mexican border.

Because of this, Joe and others that share the same mind, say that there is dire need to have more gaming centers throughout the State of Texas.

The Kickapoo Lucky Casino offers poker, bingo, and pull-tab dispensers that are electronic and that are designed to look like slot machines.

Similar casinos were also operated by other native tribes of Tigua Indians as well as Coushattas from Alabama. But these gaming facilities were shut down 12 years in 2002.

Still Hard To Sail Through

Although Joe’s bill may impress many people thus receive general support, it still has to face rigorous vetting, at least legally.

Unless Joe is able to lobby for support from at least 100 out of 150 members, it will be useless that Joe did a good job to introduce it before the house.

There is also something that makes Joe’s bill. Currently, it is controversial in the State of Texas to operate the lottery. It has been so for over 16 years. However, the state has received over $2.2 billion each year for that period.

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Jack Gold

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