The Online Political Betting Public Heavily Favors A Second Trump Impeachment




One of the most active betting props in 2019 was the Yes or No verdict on Donald Trump getting impeached. The odds moved against him as the whole impeachment process wore on. Eventually, everyone on the right side of that bet cashed in against negative money line odds.

For his role in inciting last week’s riot on the US Capital, a second Trump impeachment is on the table. The House of Representatives have wasted little time in drawing up the new articles of impeachment. The online sportsbooks followed suit with posted odds in the form of a prop bet.

Why Does The Betting Public Heavily Favors A Second Trump Impeachment?

The political betting odds that Trump is impeached for a second time favor Yes at -220. This is according to the latest odds posted at the best Sportsbooks. The odds his does not face a new impeachment charge are +155.

Even though Trump’s term as president comes to an official end on Jan. 20, it appears the articles will still be filed. Since it is highly unlikely that Trump will resign before then, a second impeachment is attracting a huge wave of support.

Some Sportsbooks Take Impeachment Betting Odds Down After Riot On Capital Building

The betting prop only covers impeachment proceedings by the House. Heading into a new week after the riot, some books have taken the prop off their board. It appears that too much money was flooding the rising odds for Yes.

The House appears committed to expediting the proceedings behind a wave of national support. Even prominent members of the Republican Party are calling for the removal of Trump at this time.

Another popular prop bet covers Trump actually completing his first term. Those odds were also posted during his first go-round with getting impeached. They heavily favored No.

Timing is an issue with this current prop. Trump has given no indication of stepping down on his own.

Ultimately, this leads bettors to believe he will most likely serve out the final nine days as of Jan. 11.
Interestingly enough, the best online sportsbook once posted a prop concerning Trump’s removal from Twitter. This was posted during the months leading up to last November’s election. The odds at the time heavily favored No. The prop came off the board well in advance of the actual Nov. 3 vote.

When US Sportsooks first posted odds immediately following the riot, it covered:

Those props are no longer listed on the site’s current political prop board. As of Monday, Jan. 11, you can get +145 odds that Andrew Yang is the next elected mayor of New York City.

You can also get early odds on the 2024 presidential election.

Our new president, Joe Biden is a +250 favorite. He is closely followed by his vice president, Kamala Harris at +300 odds.

Indeed, this US political betting prop contains 32 different names with Tammy Duckworth bringing up the rear as a +10000 longshot. Conspicuously absent from the list is Donald Trump. Moreover. this is even with his claim of running for president again in the 2024 election.

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