Treasure Island Casino To Pay Out Slot Machine Winner After Error?

Treasure Island Casino

Treasure Island Casino

A player at the Treasure Island Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas won almost $230.000 at the beginning of January. However, the lucky winner spent almost a month not even knowing that he had hit the jackpot.

A Machine Error Delays the Big Win

Robert Taylor from Arizona won the money on the progressive jackpot machine at the Treasure Island casino & hotel on January 8. Nevertheless, due to the machine error, he was not notified of the winning until January 28. The malfunction also kept casino staff in the dark about the jackpot that was just hit. At the time, no one had any idea that Taylor has won. Sometime later, the casino employees discovered and confirmed the jackpot, but were unable to tell who the winner is. Treasure Island Casino & hotel staff did their best to track the player but weren’t able, at first, to identify the lucky visitor.

Thorough Investigation by the NGCB

The case reached the Nevada Gaming Control Board Enforcement Division which took it upon itself to investigate the matter further. During the investigation, NGCB agents reviewed hours of surveillance tapes from Treasure Island and other gambling properties. In addition, they tracked the potential witnesses and questioned them. Finally, they went through online purchase records and reviewed data received from the Nevada Transportation Authority and a ride-sharing agency that remained unnamed.

Taylor Receives The Great News

Last Friday, the board finally released the statement stating that they have successfully identified the jackpot winner. They added that the patron’s name is Robert Taylor. Soon after, on January 28, at about 12:30, Taylor received the great news. He will likely travel back from Arizona to Las Vegas this weekend to collect the winning. A trip that certainly won’t be too hard for him.

Lucky Player Will Finally Get His Money

The Treasure Island representative released a statement saying how eager everyone at the casino is to meet him. They’re thankful to the NGCB for identifying the winner and thrilled to finally have a chance to pay out the deserved winnings. The NGCB on their side also said that they’re proud that their investigation led to Taylor getting the money that rightfully belongs to him.

The lucky winner, Robert Taylor, also spoke to the media. He expressed his gratitude to the Enforcement Division of the NGCB and their agents. He particularly singled out Agent Dan Nuqui for his role in the investigation. Furthermore, he added that the actions of the board ensured that the player’s trust in the gaming industry will remain strong.

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Slot Machine Malfunctions are Nothing New

Similar cases have already happened in other casinos in previous years. In 2020, a gambler at the Newcastle Casino in Oklahoma won a jackpot worth almost $8.5 million, only to be told that it was the result of a malfunction. The potential winner consulted the attorney in an effort to get the money, but the case is still unresolved. Back in 2016, a similar thing happened to Katrina Bookman at Resorts World in Queens, N.Y. She was denied a jackpot worth the incredible $42.9 million even though the machine screen displayed the win. She has filed the lawsuit, but the resolution of the case is unknown.

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