Trump Favored To Become GOP Nominee After New Hampshire Primary Win

Donald Trump Favored To Become GOP Nominee After New Hampshire Primary Win

When most people heard that Donald Trump was running for the President of the United States of America they did not take him seriously. New websites, Republicans, Democrats, and gambling portals like the American Poker Directory thought he would not stand a chance.

Donald Trump Favored To Become GOP Nominee After New Hampshire Primary Win

Why Is Donald Trump Favored To Become GOP Nominee After New Hampshire Primary Win?

Since he made his announcement in August 2015 he has grown a grandiose amount of support despite his confrontational remarks. The majority of the Republican and Democrat parties were shocked when he started putting up better numbers than Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz. Everything looked well for Donald Trump until he went into the Iowa when Senator Ted Cruz defeater ‘The Donald”.

When Tuesday came around Hillary Clinton knew that she had a challenge with the New Hampshire state primary but Donald Trump was still confident despite his loss to Ted Cruz in the Iowa State Primary.

The New Hampshire State primary

Tuesday night people from all over the United States of America were shocked to see that Donald Trump had won the New Hampshire State primary and the GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is now the 1-2 odds favorite at BetOnline casino to be nominated by the Republican party.

After Donald Trump heard that he won thirty-five percent of the vote he stated “Wow, wow, wow,” and then went onto saying “We are going to make America great again!” Thirty-nine percent of the American gamblers that bet on politics had their money on Donald Trump, while only sixteen percent of the people in the United States had their cash on Ohio Governor John Kasich.

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Betting Odds To Win The US Presidental Election

Ohio Governor John Kasich is currently listed with 20-1 odds of winning the GOP Republican Nomination. Senator Marco Rubio was listed as the ½ favorite to win the Republican nomination is currently listed as the 5-1 favorite to win at the BetOnline USA friendly casino, poker room, Sportsbook and Racebook that accepts the digital crypto-currency.

Indeed, US Sportsbooks list Jeb Bush as the front-runner at one time with 11-1 odds. However, the odds to win change. Also, it doesn’t look like betting on Jeb Bush to win the 2016 United States Presidential Election is a winning wager. However, the question is gambling on Donald Trump a smarter bet? Even if Donald Trump becomes the GOP Nominee the odds are that he will face off against Hillary Clinton, who is going to be very tough to beat.


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