U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Kelly Cheung Sun’s Case Against Foxwoods?


U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Kelly Cheung Sun’s Case Against Foxwoods?

Kelly Yin Sun’s case against Foxwoods has been thrown out of court. The edge-sorter who is not new to controversy had filed a case against Foxwoods Casino several months ago but now it is not binding according to the U.S. Supreme Court’s Monday ruling. Ms Cheung Sun, who is known for her baccarat prowess as ‘Queen of Sorts’ has been described as one of the most successful gamblers who know how to edge the baccarat.

But things are different with the law courts for this woman. According to the ruling that was made on Monday this week, the tribal gaming resort, which own Foxwoods Casino will not be sued: the reason being Tribal immunity.

Kelly Sun’s 2012 collaboration with another baccarat wizard Phil Ivey yielded the two millions of dollars but their winnings were not without controversy. After making real money online casino gambling sites a fortune, the wins did not go without controversy.

They were marred by several lawsuits with a few cases ruled on their favor but losing several of the lawsuits.

This latest lawsuit against the American Native tribe was expected to follow suit following the tribal group’s position in the law.

Sun and her accomplices, Zong Yang Li and Long Mei Fang accused Foxwoods for withholding what they called their money amounting to $1.14 million. The trio also said they had to take the resort to court for alleging them for cheating.

Over the years, Sun has had a notoriety campaign following her prowess in discerning imperfections especially in the back side of playing cards thus gaining the nickname ‘Queen of Sorts’.

However, according to Foxwoods, the ladies’ winnings did not take place at the time they are asserting according to the lawsuit.

In fact, Phil Ivey is not even appearing anywhere in the picture.

Tribal Immunity Saves Foxwoods

According to the lawsuit that Sun and her friend filed before the U.S. Supreme Court, they intended the honorable court to reverse the decision that was made earlier by the District Court, which maintained that Foxwoods could not be sued under the federal and state law thanks to the immunity that is accorded to the Mashantucket Pequots the American Indian Tribe.

But in Sun’s lower court argument, it was not the tribal group that withheld their winnings but a section of the staff. In fact, they pointed out to a few employees who the ladies argued that they acted on individual capacity rather than representatives of the Mashantucket Pequots.

The Supreme Court however, maintained that the District Court was right in its ruling.

Sun and his friends have to concede to the ruling.


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