Young Children Are Getting Addicted To Gambling On Skin Betting, Warns UKGC

Young Children Are Getting Addicted To Gambling On Skin Betting

Online gambling is legal in the UK. But Young Children Are Getting Addicted To Gambling On Skin Betting, Warns UKGC. More and more young people are now going into gambling. The society is allowing many young people engage in the form of gambling that looks less harmful. That is according to a recent online gambling survey in the UK. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) is releasing this report amid tension. There is an ongoing debate on whether or not to include Loot Boxes as gambling.

Why Are Young Children Getting Addicted To Gambling On Skin Betting?

In the UK, skin betting is a form of gambling that allows players to gamble valuables. The news report shows that a worrying percentage of UK teenagers are into gaming. It indicates that 11% of the population of young teenagers between ages of 11 and 16 take part in skin betting.

In skin betting, participants can wager on unique items. In the end, these things are in the market. You can sell them in exchange for real money or other individual items. Depending on the value of the items, some sites make decisions. They can arrange for ways through which these things are bet in different ways.
Young Children Are Getting Addicted To Gambling On Skin Betting

A More In-Depth Look

A critical look at the way skin betting does, it is the same thing as gambling. Although this form involves valuables, the end means is the cash. In essence, valuables come in at first, but the end game is the cash. A gambling facility receives valuables from participants. As more people take part in the game, more valuables come in. Above all, this seems like an awful activity. It sounds illegal, but the fact is that communities know about it. They entertain it. The problem now is that it involves young children.

Statistics From A UKGC Survey

According to the survey by UKGC, 45% of the total youth population knows about skin betting. This percentage covers the youth between 11 years and 16 years. Boys are more likely to know of this form of gambling than girls. In fact, the survey indicates in the part where the children get money . “At some point, these children are running up bills perhaps on their parents’ PayPal account or credit card. But the wider effect is the introduction and normalization of this kind of gambling among children and young people,” said one officer in the survey.

At the moment, there are two challenges that UKGC wants to address. The first problem involves how the game is done. According to the commission, it is not the right way. Because the game requires money, regulations are a must. All the money surrounding the game does not pass through any control. The other thing that troubles UKGC is who the game involves. The commission strongly feels that the game is requiring a lot of young people.

The United Kingdom Does Now Want Children To Get Involved With Skin Betting

This last thing involving young people is causing trouble. Regulation in any form of gambling is only for those eligible. Children under 21 are not in this bracket. It is against the law to contravene any gambling law in the UK. Remember that in February, two men were facing charges of violating the 2005 UK Gambling Act. The two were taking bets using digital currency. They receive a profit of $128, 000 but the fines were $380, 000! Remember, Online gambling is legal in the UK.

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