Video Podcast: Shooting At Hard Rock Oklahoma While They Eye NYC Casinos

Video Podcast: Shooting At Hard Rock Oklahoma While They Eye NYC Casinos

A man was arrested in Catoosa, Oklahoma after firing shots in the parking lot of the Hard Rock Catoosa Casino. The suspect, identified as David Temple from Arkansas, drove to the property in a black Tesla, pulled the AR-15 assault rifle from the car, and started shooting at the parked vehicles and nearby golf course.

Fortunately, no one was hurt and there was only some damage to casino property and cars on the parking lot.

According to the Catoosa PD, Temple was already sought-after by the Tulsa police as he’s been randomly Hard Rock Catoosa shooting at the vehicles on the interstate earlier.

While searching the shooter’s vehicle, officers discovered another rifle, two loaded guns, and plenty of ammunition. David Temple is currently in jail and faces multiple felony charges.

Las Vegas Table Game Jackpots Top Six Figures

$68,343 Jackpot Win On Pai Gow Progressive At South Point Hotel & Casino

Visitors to Las Vegas casinos continue to hit big. The latest news of a huge win comes from the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa.

The casino, located southwest of the Vegas Valley, just a couple of minutes from the Strip, paid out a massive prize to one of their guests on Friday.

The lucky winner, who remained anonymous, nailed the big score while playing a game of Pai Gow. He scored the progressive jackpot during one of the hands and left the casino with a whopping $68,343.

According to the casino, the player is a Las Vegas resident and a regular player at the South Point. No matter who the winner is, he’s surely had himself a nice weekend.

Hard Rock Hotel, Casino & Cafe Review. Stay & Play At Atlantic City Casinos. Hard Rock Cafe, Hotel & Casino Ratings In New Jersey.

Hard Rock Casino Has Their Eyes On Three Different Sites For A NYC Casino

Hard Rock, the global gambling giant, is currently in the process of selecting a location to build a new casino in New York City. The company’s chairman, Jim Allen, recently said at an employee meeting in Atlantic City that they have narrowed down the choice to three options. However, he did not disclose which sites are being considered.

Hard Rock already has significant investments in the Big Apple. They own the famous Hard Rock Cafe near Times Square and are about to open a new state-of-the-art hotel in Manhattan in April. The costs of this property development are reported to be between $400 million and $500 million. Nevertheless, the new $2 billion casino will make those investments look small in comparison.

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Digital asset investors are gearing up for the so-called crypto winter, This means that the prices will continue to go down, potentially leading to another bearish period. However, this trend may not necessarily be bad news. At least, according to the Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Burutin.

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Burutin further says that crypto winter will allow those who are developing long-term crypto projects to focus on improving the technology. He, himself, is currently leading the efforts to make Ethereum blockchain more scalable.

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