Stay-at-Home Mom Wins $315,124 Progressive Jackpot

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The online casino industry just got better as a stay-at-home mother won over three hundred thousand dollars playing a progressive jackpot game at Slotland casino. The women were playing Open Season slots on her mobile device. She gave the wheel a spin once and turned one spin into $315,124! Isn’t that exciting?

Stay-at-Home Mom Wins $315,124 Progressive Jackpot

The Stay-at-Home Mothers screen name at Slotland casino is Debra J. Slotland Mobile said that this is the largest progressive jackpot payout ever with their site-wide progressive jackpot. Check out the #PlaySlots4RealMoney discussion on twitter.

The Stay-at-Home Mom Debra J. was supposedly having some “Time To Herself” away from the family when she hit the progressive jackpot. She only played the online slot machines at Slotland casino a few times over the past few years. The great news is she has had decent wins, but nothing like the big $315,124 progressive jackpot win.

The lucky stay at home mother was reportedly dancing according to a “Slotland newsletter” and press release early this morning. Slotland mobile interviewed Debra J. and said that she has dreamed of doing so many things but nothing this significant. She stated she is going to put a portion of the money she won aside for her children but is also going to do some fun things as well. Check out all of the Slotland casino games on this list.

The customer service representative at Slotland casino asked her what kind of fun things she is thinking of buying. Debra J. said that she many throw a party for herself, friends and family and spoil herself a little. She went onto to say she may even take a trip around the world. The over three hundred thousand dollar Record-Breaking $315,124 progressive jackpot win can buy you a lot of trips around the world!

Slotland casino mobile conducted a full interview that was very interesting. Apparently, when she first won the progressive jackpot, her jaw dropped and was in the state of shock. Debra J indicated that she is not a beginner at playing the best online slots for real money, she has been playing for years but only enjoys the games a few times a year. If you like playing RTG games check out Jackpot Pinata’s Slots.

The Open Season slot machine is one of her favorite games at Slotland casino mobile. She had some good wins with Ocean Season Slots and decided she was going to stick to playing that game because it was paying well.

The progressive jackpot at Slotland casino mobile frequently hit because it is site wide. All of their games link to their one site-wide progressive jackpot that pays out regularly. This win was the first time that Slotland casino mobile paid out over two hundred thousand dollars! Debra J stated she never though the prizes would get that big! She is one lucky lady, and we wish her the best and hope she has a fantastic time saving and spending her newly acquired fortune.

The way you can hit the progressive jackpot playing the Open Season slot machine is by landing five bear icons while betting the maximum. Slotland casino mobile launched Open Season to celebrate their seventeenth birthday. They offered a great bonus promotion with mystery cash bonuses and free spins. Open Season Slots is a fun game to play, and if you are lucky, you may see the hunter appear on the screen for the bonus round and strike it rich.

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