Arson Victim Wins $1 Million Progressive Jackpot At Mohegan Sun Casino

Mohegan Sun Casino

Mohegan Sun Casino

After several years of stiff financial and psychological hardships, Alison Anzalone who is now 23 is a happy woman after her $1 million jackpot win this month at Mohegan Sun casino.

March 11 2017 will always remain in Alison’s mind. In this day, she participated in a sporting event that completely turned her life and that of her family members who according to confirmed sources, might be facing emotional trauma after a fire incident.

Who Wins The $1 Million Progressive Jackpot At Mohegan Sun Casino?

Ms Alison was scheduled to appear in court to give her testimony on what she knows about her ex-boyfriend, who is alleged of setting Alison’s family house on fire.Mohegan Sun & Other Pennsylvania Casinos See A Big Increase In Gambling Revenue.

During the fire incident to which Gregory Bruno, Alison’s ex-boyfriend is a lead suspect, four of Alison family’s dogs died.

Perhaps, her win of $1, 001, 459 will bring some hope to a cocktail waitress in New Hampshire and to the entire family.

In what has been seen by many people who have tried to hit the progressive jackpot and make real money online casino gambling sites their source of income, Alison was visiting the gaming resort and decided to play Super 4, a Progressive Blackjack Jackpot, which instantly she won, making slightly over $1 million.

Many of those who have played blackjack jackpot or who know how it works, can tell you that it is initiated via a side bet. Once the gambler is sure of possessing the blackjack in their hand, then the Super 4 Bonus readily comes by triggering.

Betting On Blackjack Cards?

Combining the blackjack cards, which the dealer has together with the bettor’s two initial cards that have been dealt with, and having royal flush diamonds, then the progressive jackpot is triggered by hitting thus the bettor wins the jackpot. That is the exact thing that happened to Ms Alison, who is now smiling after many years of trying to put something on her table.

The Wizard of Odds, which usually gives compelling winning or losing possibilities, had cited that Alison’s chance of winning was 0.000001680! But she finally won in an instant.

No One Knows What Happens

Barely a fortnight after Alison’s win, she could not escape the fact that she had to recall the horrific events that followed the 2015 fire incident in their home.

Her court testimony showed that she fell in love with Gregory but their relationship did not last long. After a short while, perhaps after intimacy with Bruno, Alison decided to end the relationship.

After telling her then-boyfriend about the break-up, he started to threaten her with text messages. On the 12th of January 2015, while the Anzalones were away from home, their house was set on fire leading to the death of four of their dogs.

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