Woman Hits The Lucky Button, Disappears With Jackpot

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Woman Hits The Lucky Button, Disappears With $100, 000 Friend’s Jackpot

A woman who walked in a Florida gaming casino found her luck for the day when a friend asked her to press the ‘luck button’, which she complied. Her friend could not believe his eyes when the attended told him moments later that his friend was actually the luckiest person of the day with $100, 000!

So, How Does The Woman Hits The Lucky Button, And Jackpot Disappears?

Jan Flato will always remember January 31 a bad day in his life because he asked someone to do a duty, which according to the state’s law, is given to the individual who hits the reels. Online Slot Player Goes On A Million Dollar Winning Streak A Win A Day Casino.

Marina Navaro, 35 years old, was given $50, 000 in cash and the remaining $50, 000 in form of a cheque after a friend asked her to press the luck button on the reels of a slot machine inside the Hard Rock Casino.

Marina Navaro Is In The News

It was even worse when Marina, the latest winner of the jackpot when she walked out of the casino having made real money online casino gambling sites a fortune to ask guards to ensure Flato doesn’t follow her home. After the sad incident, Flato felt that it was a good idea if he told fellow gamblers of his ordeal that left him even poor.

What Does The Miami Herald Report?

Indeed, Flato talks to the Miami Herold. He goes on record to say ” I would like everyone who loves gambling to know what I went through. After that, they will avoid the mistake I did, at least in Florida. For many years that I’ve played, I’ve never seen something terrible like this in my life, that you play, someone else takes all your luck. Don’t allow somebody else pushes your buttons even if your hands are held. Play to the end.”

Furthermore, people question Flato on whether or not he was contemplating taking legal action. Does he have legal standing against Hard Rock Casino? Well, what about the woman? Moreover, he answers “No lawyer will handle that case because you know very well that you did not press the button. Besides, the money has been paid and you know who took the money. However, didn’t you ask the woman to press the button for you?” Finally, HRHC executive maintains.

The Florida Seminole Tribe Speaks

Yes, Gary Bitner is the Seminole tribe spokesman. Furthermore, he tells Flato that he believes the casino. Moreover, he says he feels they made correct gambling procedures. “I’m sure the casino is doing nothing strange. It is doing the right thing. Moreover, the person whose hand pushes the slot machine luck button or presses the reel of the slot is the rightful winner of the jackpot.” Bitner remarked.

Furthermore, something similar happens in August 2016. Additionally, Katrina Bookman losses the biggest jackpot in American history. Ultimately, this is when $42, 949, 672 shows up on the screen. However, Resorts World Casino management says it’s an error. Shortly after, the casino awards the woman $2.25!


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