Top Card Trumps Game


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Did you enjoy Top Trumps? You will enjoy this even more. It is however unfortunate the Top trumps, and Top Card Trumps have no similarity apart from the playing cards as characters.

Betsoft is the gaming developer that is behind the powering of this table. It is critical to note that is genuinely a fast-paced game. In fact, mostly, the game is like the childhood game.

However, this one, you do not compete against your fellow players or children for that matter. You are against the dealer. Yes, again in a virtual world.

This is one of the few table games around that gives you an opportunity to choose your betting limit. Available options are 1.00 all the way to 100.00.

There is also a side bonus bet refers to as ‘Tie.’ If you place your bet on this side bet, you will win 10.1 your bet amount. Very few table games out there can offer such a deal.

Are you not now wondering how you can get to play this game? Well, if that is the burning thirst inside you, then wait a little bit. Just go through this write up to see what requires of you.

It is a good thing to know that in this game if you are certain of the rules, don’t start. You should know the basics and some fundamental issues. Otherwise, you will be risking your money.

Top Card Trumps Basics

When you finally sit on the table to play Top Card Trumps, you will realize something. You will notice that there is no much difference with many table game.

For instance, you will notice that the tablecloth is green. Bets, as well as balance, are rightly placed at the lower left side. As for the 籌碼, you will locate them at the lower right.

You will also notice that there are three hands in this online casino game. This will give you an opportunity to play one of them. Alternatively, you can play all the three hands at once.

Should be lucky and become the winner of the day, the stuck of placing the chips at the top is your hope. That is where they pay you.

Top Card Trumps Game
You will need to drag the chip denomination that you like from among those at the stack.

There are several choices that you need to make. For instance, in case you want to play more than a hand, that will be charged the amount of your original bet.

A unique but good thing about this game is that once you feel that you are stuck, there is the help. Yes, in case you lose your place, the only thing to do is to press ‘Help’ button. It is on the lower side of the screen.

Thankfully, as you press the ‘Help’ button of this Top card Trumps game, you will also be accessing the 支付表. So, it is advisable that you start with this button in case you are not sure where to start.最佳

Top Card Trumps Game


是的! 我想獲得免費旋轉獎金代碼。
不。 在存錢之前,我不想嘗試免費玩賭場遊戲。

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