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手機插槽真錢美國Lottomaticard is a Visa Electron-branded prepaid payment card. For purposes of making deposits and withdrawals with legal online casinos, it acts like a debit card. Residents of Italy may only utilize it.


Online Casinos Accepting Lottomaticard

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Mobile Slots Real MoneyLottomaticard does not need to be linked to a bank account, and it can be paid off in a variety of ways. The card has the Visa Electron circuit, which enables it to be used anywhere in the globe and funds may be withdrawn using a Lis Card point-of-sale device.

It’s a decent alternative for both depositing and withdrawing money at Italy online casinos, but it is limited to people who reside in Italy.

How To Create An Account

To sign up for Lottomaticard, follow these instructions:neosurf casinos banking

  • Visit the Lottomaticard website to create an account and complete the registration form. The site will walk you through every stage of the process, ensuring that you get everything done on time.
  • Bring your tax code and any necessary identification paperwork to a Lis Card machine.
  • If you have the required documentation with you, your card will be issued. To receive your card, you’ll be required to pay a one-time €5 fee.

neosurf casino bankingLottomatica’s retailers may be found all throughout Italy, so you’ll have no trouble finding one. If you want to go through the whole registration process at a certain shop, you can.

You will receive a green envelope in addition to your card, which is activated immediately. The PUK and PIN codes for your card are printed on the inside of the envelope, as well as a receipt showing your IBAN code.


Deposits and Withdrawals At An Online Casino

neosurf casino australia bankingYou must first add funds to your Lottomaticard in order to use it at an online casino. You can accomplish this both online and at a store that supports Lottomaticard.You may choose to top-up your card with cash rather than topping it up online. If you don’t have a bank account and want to minimize online transactions, this is the method for you.

You’ll need your PUK and PIN codes to add money to your Lottomaticard. Funds will be accessible to use right away once you’ve added them. You may then make a deposit into your online casino account, which will be available immediately afterward.

Real Money Mobile SlotsLottomaticard lets you withdraw money from your account. It’s real-time. If there isn’t a Lottomaticard option, you can use the debit card with Visa Electron.

Casinos that accept the Lottomaticard will not charge you anything. And the service is free. You can top up your card with money and spend it without any extra costs


Benefits Of Using This Payment Method

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  • Lottomaticard offers zero credit checks. It doesn’t connect to any bank accounts or other debit/credit cards, and you get an SMS every time the card is used.There’s also a microchip with security features for added peace of mind. There should be no danger of your card being stolen as long as you keep your PUK and PIN passwords secret.
  • Italian residents can rest assured as these banking methods promotes responsible gambling. The Lottomaticard restricts your monthly expenditure to €10,000, allowing you to limit how much you spend on gambling.


Mobile Slots PaymentSince the introduction of Lottomatica’s casino platform, brand-new players have reported more effort on their part. Having to top up your Lottomaticard with cash before making deposits into your casino account is slower than making direct payments, and it may be inconvenient for some.

Withdrawal restrictions: Because you can only remove €500 each month from your Lottomaticard, it may be more practical to withdraw your money from online casinos using a different approach.

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Mobile Slots Casino Apps Real MoneyLottomaticard’s online security couldn’t be stronger. During transactions, you’ll only fill in the card number for the one you’re using.There’s no way for thieves to steal anything significant if they get your bank and credit card details.The card itself doesn’t have any personal information on it, so if someone gets hold of one, they’ll need to guess your PIN in order to steal any money that was put inside.


Lottomaticard is an Italian company. People outside Italy can only use the card in some cases. Lottomaticard cards are mostly used by Italians.

Casino Customer Support


Mobile Casino AppsYou may log in to your individual account online by entering your PIN and PUK codes. You can check transactions, top-up your card, and perform various other tasks to manage your account using this portal.You may also get in touch with customer service via this page. Furthermore, you may request two free hard-copy account statements for your archives (online statements are free and unrestricted).

About The Company

Lottomaticard is a visa payment card issued by CartaLis in collaboration with Lottomatica, an Italian online gambling company. This firm was established in 1990 and has 1,700 employees working across its numerous platforms.




Which online casinos accept Lottomaticard?

list of Lottomaticard casinos may be used to identify all online casinos that take Lottomaticard payments. We limit the casino top list only to Lottomaticard casinos that accept players from your region.




Lottomaticard Casinos Online
Lottomaticard Casinos Online
Find out if your favorite online casino accepts Lottomaticard as a payment method. Search through casino reviews to find your banking option.


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