Oscar Betting Odds Predict A Big ‘La La Land’ Night During Academy Awards, Few Buzzes

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Tonight is expected to be a night to remember for all who love sport and entertainment during the Academy Awards.

Oscar Betting Odds Predict A Big 'La La Land’ Night During Academy Awards, Few Buzzes

European and US sportsbooks have for the whole morning shown that tonight will be one night that Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone will live to remember. Others that will reap big is the gaming sector, which is expected to earn real money casino gambling sites from the odds.

According to many people who have placed their odds, they argue that the millennial heartthrobs will be celebrities of the night. They are expected to showcase their respective prowess during the academy.

The event, which is scheduled to kick off at 8:30 pm tonight, will no doubt disclose the best and worst predictions.

Even those that do not have the history of placing their odds were not left out of the big game of the day.

This year’s 89th Academy Award has been dubbed by many as Hollywood’s Super Bowl. Whether the even looks big or small to you, it is such an unprecedented event to the entertainment fraternity and may gambling developers are expected to reap big.

Betting sites, online shops as well as gaming floors have witnessed influx in the number of people who are willing to place their bets. Thousands of people young and old alike, as long as they are legally acceptable to gamble have taken wager and will continue doing so until 8:30 pm ET.

Latest statistics indicate that Paddy Power, Intertops, BetOnline, Coral, and William Hill place ‘La La Land’ a huge favorite. Their 1-6 take on ‘La La Land’ coincides with a majority of those who placed the same odd thus placing La La Land at the top position.

Another best odd that is placed after ‘La La Land’ is a story called ‘Moonlight’. The story talks of a young and energetic man who is brought up in Miami. Although the young man hails from an up market environment in Miami, he is engulfed in poverty and overindulgence in the use of drugs. Many people who have placed betting odds on ‘Moonlight’ have given it 5-1, which has brought it second.

Apart from ‘La La Land’ and ‘Moonlight’, other nominees for the Best Picture include ‘Hidden Figures’ and ‘Manchester By Sea’ which have received 25-1, ‘Hacksaw Ridge’, ‘Arrival’, ‘Fences’, and ‘HighWater or Hell’, which are at 100-1, and ‘Lion’ , which is at 90-1.

In a bid to give the night the attractiveness it deserves, Paddy Power gives bettors the liberty to choose 10-3 against the seemingly dominant bet, ‘La La Land’.

Although ‘La La Land’ seems to be at the top, bettors have plenty other options such as Denzel Washington, Natalie Portman, and Casey Affleck.

Not Much Acclaim

As things are, ‘La La Land’ may receive credit but not as much acclaim as did other films before it. In fact, market analysts are apprehensive that although it is placed at the top, it is unlikely to click 11 gold statuettes like did its predecessors such as ‘Titanic’, ‘Ben-Hur’, and ‘Lord of Rings: Return of King’ that were crowned the crème during their times.

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