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There is something that the world hasn’t forgotten as a whole-the issue of trying to know what the future holds for its people. In fact, many government agencies, as well as international bodies mandated with the responsibilities of making important decisions that affect mankind, have always pre-determined the future.

Vision 2020, And 2050

This has led to different ‘visions’ such as Vision 2020, Vision 2050 and so on. Slightly away from that, individual human beings have also thrived in the study of their future trying to know what tomorrow holds for them.

Because of that, those who believe in the ability of supernatural powers of telling about tomorrow or some other time in the future have turned to the world of astrology. Astrology is the study that is believed to be guided by stars in the Milky Way, where each living being is conducted by one that corresponds with his/her date of birth.

Learn How To WIn Money Playing Online Roulette

Whether there is any truth in that story or not, is a discussion of another day. For now, we aim to delve into Astro online Roulette, a kind of table game that is entirely based on astrology.
Online Roulette | Learn How To Win Money Playing Free Roulettes Games
Although the table game’s astrology theme has been maintained, you will realize that some necessary things such as color, number and other things that you might be familiar with have long been removed. Instead, they have been replaced by symbols that have taken an entirely new set of signs and symbols that you might have known or heard about at some point in your life.

Libra, Aquarius Or Pisces

The above terms are very familiar with many people whether they love astrology or hate it. Besides, even if they do not want to see the very words, the media especially print media has made it a routine to publish each day on paper what each of the 12 signs of the zodiac has for those that whose lives depend on knowing what their day will be like by looking at their star.

So, for those who are still wondering how online roulette can marry with astrology, you will not be amazed any further. Whether you are new in the gaming industry or you are a veteran in gaming, it is straightforward to pick a game that is a product of astrology from among a long list.

Astro online Roulette is so close to most European and American tables that have been people’s favorites for many years, equivalent to a table with a single zero. This online casino game as it is widely known translates to immense benefits to the player.

12 Signs

However, it is clear that the most notable difference is that there are 12 signs and some 37 spaces in Astro online Roulette. One out of the 37 areas is set aside for the infinity symbol whereas the remaining 36 spaces are spread evenly across all the 12 signs of zodiac namely Taurus, Aries, Cancer, Gemini, Virgo, Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius, Capricorn and finally Pisces. From a pure calculation, anyone can tell that there’re three pockets set aside for each astrological sign.

There are many types of types of online roulette games you can play. First of all, you should know you can enjoy a game of roulette against a live dealer. However, most online casinos have limited versions of the game like just American and European at their live casino sites. After you understand the components of a roulette table, you are ready to start spinning the big wheel. You have a choice to play different variations of video roulette.

Play Live Dealer Roulette

1. No Zero roulette
2. Mini-roulette
3. Progressive Roulette
4. Spingo
5. Multi-Wheel Roulette.
6. French Roulette
7. Premier Roulette Diamond Edition
8. Multi-Ball Roulette

You may find it interesting that the multi-ball variation is similar to the European version. However, the multiball version has more exceptions.

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