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Video poker is an arcade or casino computerized online casino game played on a console same as a slot machine. It is based on a five-card draw. The history of video poker can be traced back to when it was determined to be economical connecting a television-like monitor with a solid state central processing unit. The first model was made at the same time as personal computers.

Further development was made when SIRCOMA, now known as International Game Technology introduced draw poker in 1979. Video poker has increased in popularity throughout the 1980s in casinos as they seem to be less intimidating.

The prominence of video game has vastly improved in casinos, with more popularity in Las Vegas. The local casinos offer lower denomination machines or even better odds.

How to Play Video Poker Online

By use of money or a barcoded ticket with credit. Play starts when a bet is placed on one or more credits and pressing the deal button. The player gets five cards and has the chance to get rid of one or more in return for new ones drawn from the same deck.

Payouts are made after the draw if the hand played matched a winning combination. You can therefore enjoy video poker online for real money; you get paid to do something enjoyable. The payouts are usually posted on the payout table.

It is important to note the difference with table poker in that a player may choose to discard all the five cards. The payouts are allocated to the pay table based on how unique they are, type of game, and the operator’s decision.

A pay table begins with a minimum hand of two jacks, which gives even payout. The rest of the hand combinations are similar to table poker. Some machines offer unique bonuses hence encourages the player to play more often or more coins.

The similar hands to table poker are;

• Two pair.
• Three of a kind.
• Straight- a series of five cards with successive value.
• Flush- any five cards of the same set
• Full house- consists of a pair and three of kind.
• Four of variety- this is four cards all the equal value.
• Straight flush- comprises five successive cards of the same suit.
• Royal crush consists of a ten, jack, a queen, a king and an ace all of the same suit
Video Poker Online
The table game in casinos is managed by state or Indian gaming agencies requiring the machines to deal card sequences using a virtual deck randomly. The machines are tested to ensure compliance before offered to the public. Just like table poker, there are different types of video poker such as deuces wild, jokers wild, pay schedule modification and multi-play poker.

When playing games with no wild card a player receives the unique four of a kind hand. The royal flush has the highest payout. Online video games are available in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. Players are required to be of age and physically present to play.

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