Learn How To Play Casino Craps Online For Fun Or Money


But do you need to know about craps before you decide to play or place your money on them especially the online casino craps? Here are the basics that should guide you through when playing real money craps whether from a casino facility made of brick and mortar or online casino craps.

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When playing any table game such as craps, the first person who is supposed to hit the dice should be none other than the Shooter. In other words, the gambler who wants to start rolling the dice should be the first one to hit. But you may rightly ask, how do you become the shooter? What is required to become one? Well, relax. For you to be the Shooter thus the first one to roll the dice, you must first place your bet on Don’t Pass Bar or Pass Line.

Play Casino Craps For Real Money

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Because a dice is taken in a clockwise direction and not otherwise, it is a good thing to wait until your turn reaches for you to hit. So, do not be in haste. Wait! What if you want to play but do not feel the urge of becoming a Shooter? That can work. In fact, not all gamblers are ambitious enough to become Shooters. Others just want to enjoy online craps for real money casinos.

If that is what is in your mind and heart, here is what you need to do: you may place a bet. However, this is purely optional. No requirement, no penalty!
Craps Online | Play Table Games Online Free Or For Money
Alternatively, you can place a bet on this, but that has to be after the session usually referred to as Come Out Roll. There are other things you need to understand such as the work of the Stickman. In many cases, it is easy to identify him because he carries the sticks and is evidently working hand-in-hand with the dealers.

Roll The Dice At The Table Online Or On The Go

This man will eventually push some five dice towards your direction. What will you do? It is required that you pick only two out of the five using one hand! Yes, it is possible. Others have done it before, so you can.

Craps Online | Play Table Games Online Free Or For Money
What follows next are you rolling the dice so hard enough such that it is almost impossible for any human to stop it. In fact, it is supposed to hit the other end of the craps table. With that in mind, you are right to start playing craps whether from a local casino or online casino craps thus making real money casinos your primary way of earning a living.

Craps Online | Play Table Games Online Free Or For Money
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Craps Online | Play Table Games Online Free Or For Money
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