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Best Free & Real Money Scratch Cards Online 2024

On this page you’ll find the ultimate guide for finding free online scratch cards that you can win real money. We’ll explain how to find and play scratch cards, what to pay attention to when choosing which scratch card to play, and finally, how to get the best bonuses when playing them.

Among the key things you’ll find on this page are:

Play Scratch Cards Online With No Deposit

You probably won’t find any dedicated scratch card bonuses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play scratch cards for free. You just have to look a bit closer. For example, any no deposit bonus code that gives you a free chip can also be used on a scratch card. So can most winnings you get from free spins, which essentially means you’re playing scratch cards with bonus money.

If you want to win real money but you want to try scratchcards free, use our no deposit bonuses and bonus codes. After you use our no deposit bonuses, you can try real money scratch cards and other gambling games free.

Play For Free, Win Real Money

Like we said, the easiest option is to get a no deposit bonus and use the free chip on scratch cards. The other options are the free spins. After you play out your free spins – which always must be used on slots – you’ll have some winnings. Depending on the casino terms and conditions, the winnings can be wagered on scratch cards.

To do any of that, you first need to register an account at an online casino. Some of the top gambling sites have no deposit bonuses, and we list the best ones on this page. Here is how to get the most money from casino promotions when playing scratch cards.

  1. In order to play casino games online, including scratch cards, you first need to register at a casino site. You’ll provide some personal information during the registration process, such as your name, address. Later, when it comes time to withdraw the winnings, you’ll be asked to provide some further proof such as your social security number.
  2. Make sure you check the terms and conditions before accepting any bonus offers from online scratch card casino. This will ensure that you know what is required of you in order to claim the bonus. Make sure to check the minimum deposit required on welcome bonuses at your favourite casinos, too.
  3. Stay away from the more expensive online scratch offs. The free scratch card games that cost more money will use up your free bonus or deposit scratch card bonuses in one or two tickets and the odds of winning are very slim. If you play the $1 online scratch cards, you can have 25 free games for a chance to win up to $20,000 with your no deposit bonus. After that, you can try your hand with your chance to win real money prizes.
  4. If you win money instantly from an online scratch card game or mobile scratch offs, don’t play more just too satisfy the wagering requirements. Scratch games are very volatile. This means that it is very unlikely that you will win two big prizes in a row if you are playing with real money. It is better to play high RTP slot games or table games like blackjack until you have withdrawn your winnings. After you have cashed out, you can go back to playing scratch cards online with real money.

USA Scratch Cards Online

Traditional scratch cards are cards made from cardboard or plastic that can be used for gambling or raffles. They are named scratch cards or scratch offs because you need to scratch off a portion of the surface to reveal prizes. Usually, you win real money or a prize by finding three matching symbols.

The symbols can be anything from pictures to money, as long as there are three of them. Different scratch card games titles have different symbols and themes. You can now play scratch cards online at lotteries and most online casinos in the US.

We’ve found the best US-facing scratch card sites where you can play scratch cards regardless of the US state you reside in. This is a selection of the best scratch sites from all the online casinos we review. These online casinos also give you no deposit bonuses that you can use on scratch cards – as long as you use our links when signing up.

Online scratch cards offer more features than regular ones. These features can include interactive themes, sounds, and other elements that you cannot find in regular scratch card games.

Here are some of the best scratch card games that you can play online.

As you can see, many of these online scratch games are based on popular franchises and themes. This is one of the aspects that makes playing scratch cards online so much fun. Remember, visit one of our top rated online casinos to claim your no deposit scratch card bonus.

How Do Online Scratch Cards Work?

Online scratch cards are really simple, even more than the traditional paper cards, as you peel them with your mouse cursor.

When you find a scratch card in the lobby that you like, simply double-check the amount you’re paying for the card, and then click to buy the card. After that, you get to scratch the card with your mouse cursor to reveal the prize.

Remember that scratch cards are very volatile and not that different to lottery, as the top prize is hidden behind tens of thousands of cards or even more than that. In most cases, a ‘win’ is when you get your money back. Remember this when determining your budget for playing scratch cards – you do need to scratch quite a few to increase your chances of winning big.

There is no way to increase your chances of winning with scratch cards, other than simply buying more cards and therefore having more chances to win. That’s the only way to turn the odds in your favor. Scratch cards are purely driven by luck, and the usual RTP is around 95-96%, so same as most slot games. Scratch cards are more simple to play and offer a huge thrill when you reveal a big win.

Make sure to always check the exact prizes and try to find out if the prize table consists of small wins plus one mega win, or a larger number of meaningful wins. Also check the RTP – not all scratch cards are made equal.

How We Found The Best Scratch Card Sites Online

We have a protocol for reviewing online casinos that checks all aspects that are important for determining if a casino is legit or not. If there are any red flags raised during our review of the casino, it won’t appear listed on this site.

That means that all casinos and scratch card sites you see on are legit, otherwise they wouldn’t be listed here in the first place. This makes it easy for you to simply pick a scratch card site you like, without having to worry about its quality. If it’s listed here, it’s a good site and it will pay you your winnings.

Free Scratch Cards Online – How To Get Started

The simplest way to get started with free scratch cards online is to sign up with one of the scratch card sites we recommend on this page. This is a sure-fire way to get an account with a reputable site that will have quality scratch cards and that will pay you your winnings promptly.

When you sign up, you will be able to browse the selection of scratch cards on the site.

Getting The Most From Free Or Real Money Scratch Cards – Expert Tips

Online Scratch Cards – FAQs

Can I win real money from playing free Scratch cards?

Yes, you most certainly can. If you’re playing a scratch card with free bonus money, you still get to keep whatever you win. You just have to be clever about it – and  claim the bonuses that don’t look like they are scratch card bonuses, but actually there is a way to use them on scratch cards.

How much can I win from online scratch cards?

Online scratch cards are similar to traditional paper cards in terms of winnings. That means that there are a few cards in every batch that produce a major win. The best games have jackpot wins of more than $1 million. Online scratch cards are usually capped at around $250,000, but you can find some that pay out more.

Which online scratch card is best?

Merlin’s Millions is often mentioned as the potentially most rewarding online scratch card in the US. It’s available at casinos such as DraftKings and BetMGM.

How do you play online scratch card games?

To play online scratch cards, you need to register an account with at least one casino you see on this page. You’ll find scratch cards in the casino lobby, where you can play it with bonus money or with your own real money.

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