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Video slots, For over a century now, many people have had the opportunity of playing slot machines whenever they want. No particular skill is needed for you to start playing slot machines. However, before we can say that you are a true slots wizard, you need to master the art of playing, which evidently comes with experience. Therefore, the more different types of slot machines you play, the better your performance. At, we help you find the best online casino sites to play video slot games for real money. Obviously, our video slot machines reviews cater to people all over the world, including The United States of America and The United Kingdom. Additionally, we have a completely separate section for playing free one arm bandits like fruit machines. If you want to navigate through this page, please click on the links below.

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Find The Best Online Casino To Play Video Slots

Slots Capital Casino

  • Accepts USA Players
  • Unique Casino Games
  • Rival Gaming Software
  • Great Customer Service
  • Fast Payouts
  • Live Chat
  • No Minimum Payout

Slots Capital Casino Review

At Slots Capital, you can find a large selection of free video slots to play. Ultimatly, Slots Capital is a licensed online casino with the Curacao gambling commission. Furthermore, Rival gaming provides their inventory of video slots. While you can play these for machines with a bonus game for real money, you can also try them with our free spins codes. Remember, these electronic gambling games offer an excellent bonus feature. Read More.

Play The Best Video Slots For Free Or Real Money Online

As you well know, when playing video slots or any other type of slot for that matter, you are not competing against anybody; it is you and the rules of the game. So, where did slots start? Well, from the classical slot ‘One Armed Bandit,’ which is still considered to be the father of all slots, to more sophisticated modern video slots, many people can hardly leave their desktops even portable devices for any other thing.

What is more, the ease of access to the internet and internet-enabled devices has made it even easier for many people to enjoy video slots. But you may ask, what is in video slots that many individuals would prefer them over other types of slots?

Video Slot Features

For now, you know that slots are categorized into some types. Most old-school slots only contained three reels and a few pay lines. That made it easier for players to predict payouts. But with modern technology, most video slots are designed with a big number of reels and several pay lines, making it rather difficult to predict the outcome of any possible combination naturally.

Because of this reason and many more others, video slots have no limits on creative design and gameplay. This is evident when trying to choose one from the thousands of games available. Video slots can have over 100 pay lines, a wide variety of bonus symbols, and multiple interactive mini-games to keep players engaged.

Graphics are often stunningly beautiful and feature amusing animations to mark winning spins. To bring the player up to speed about the game, many video slots open with a short film telling the story behind the theme. That makes it easy for you to make a better and informed choice on whether to play or not.

As such, many video slots makers that are renowned today, always partner up with other popular brands that include TV shows, comedy, movie franchises, comic books, and cartoon characters to popularize their video slots business.

In fact, that is what Netent, Bally Technologies, and other renowned staples do to ensure that their products are made even more popular. Because many video slots are created each day, it is not a hard thing to find the ideal video slot for you. With a simple search on the web, you can land on thousands of available slots to choose from.

The most popular video slots available today are the 5-reeled video slots. They are usually packed with several features such as the scatter symbols, the Wild symbol, free spins, generous bonuses, gamble features, fantastic characters, superb color and animations that are shown in 3D, and unique yet eye-catching themes among other features.

How to cheat video slot machines?

First and foremost, we want to state we do not condone cheating free video slots or cheating, stealing or anything for that matter. Cheating is illegal, immoral and unethical. Furthermore, online casinos take cheating very seriously. As a result, you can face serious legal consequences and long prison terms. Remember, do not try any of these cheats.

So, are looking to find out how you can cheat free video slot machines? Obviously, we think if you are going to play free video slots, you should not cheat. However, we are able to find information after we research the topic. First of all, if you are at a land casino, people like to try to “Coin on a string” technique. Naturally, people that like to play free slot games and even scratch cards look to get over on the house.

Putting a coin on a string in a video slot machine on a casino floor is a very low tech cheat. Furthermore, folks that play online slot machines attach strings to their coins. After they attach the string to their coins, they drop the coin in the video slot machine. As a result, the coin tricks the machine and cheaters use the same coin over and over until they win. Also, people this method on video poker and other popular games. Remember, it’s not just the Malta gaming authority you have to worry about, its the law!

Cheating Video Slots Using Foreign Coins

Believe it or not, some people use foreign coins or ‘slugs’ to steal from casino resorts. In Nevada back in the early 1980s, people bought a specific line of washers that are the same size and weight as U.S. coins. Yes, these washers literally weight the same amount and are the same size as pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. As a result, the video slots cheats start to take advantage of buying these coins and using them to win money playing casino games free.

Additionally, land casinos find that gamblers use coins from other countries that weight the same and are the same size. Ultimately, the most popular cheats are Mexican one-peso coins. Furthermore, Mexico issues them in1985. Moreover, they are worth less than half of a penny.

Later on, the resorts in Las Vegas start to discover counterfeit paper money. However, this cheat doesn’t last long as casinos are well aware of counterfeit paper money. As a result, the resorts in Las Vegas purchase scanners to scan money to ensure it’s legal tender prior to putting credits in the video slot machine.

How to win on video slot machines?

When it comes to learning how to win on video slot machines, the best thing to do is to look at the return to player percentages. In our gambling game reviews, we provide these return to player percentages using “RTP%”. If you find loose video slots, you have better odds of winning. Remember, the software providers and developers make all of these percentages public.

There are no proven the method to win real money playing online video slots. If you want to increase your chance to win, educate yourself on the winning combinations by reading the pay tables. Remember, every slot game has a pay table. If a slots player wants to understand winning at slots, their best bet is to learn the value of the symbols. Ultimately, this holds true to any casino game people play.

At, we love to hear about people winning from online casino apps. However, you should know that all video, classic and progressive slots are random. Moreover, they use an algorithm that includes random number generators. Sometimes, you will find a loose video slot, while other times you will find very tight games with a progressive jackpot. If you are playing progressives, remember that they usually have high volatility.

First of all, make sure you are playing the slots for fun. If you want to seriously get a return on your investment, try investing in mutual funds. Seriously, gambling is no way to invest. Having said that, the best gamblers that win the most frequently play blackjack and in poker tournaments. That said, online slots have the worst odds of all casino games. Those that seriously want to increases your chances, don’t play video video slots

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