18 USA States Prepare eSports Betting Bills For Discussion

18 U.S. States Prepare eSports Betting Bills For Discussion

18 U.S. States Are Getting Preparing eSports Betting Bills For Discussion. The past year is a busy year for many U.S. States. Some of them pass online gambling rules. Now, several others want eSports betting to be legal. For now, many people are awaiting what justices will say. The case that is before several justices is from New Jersey. The state is accusing the federal government of imposing a ban on online sports wagering.

The State of New Jersey through her lawyers are appealing. The case is before the U.S. Supreme Court. If the court rules in favor of New Jersey, it will open a wide door. Also, this will pave the way for several other states that are preparing their appeals. What many are waiting to see, is whether PASPA has a right to impose the ban . But if the court finds that PASPA does not have the mandate, it will be okay with 18 states.

Which 18 U.S. States Are Preparing eSports Betting Bills?

The SCOTUS ruling is taking place spring. It is this ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that many states are waiting. In the event of a fair ruling, to New Jersey, there will be several eSports betting legislation. According to Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, 18 states are likely to come up with legislation. Eilers & Krejcik Gaming is research firm whose work is to track various activities. The activities have to be in the gaming industry. So, according to the firm, the 18 states are:

1. Rhode Island.
2. New York.
3. New Jersey.
4. Mississippi.
5. Massachusetts.
6. Oklahoma.
7. California.
8. Georgia.
9. Florida.
10. Illinois.
11. Michigan.
12. Iowa.
13. Minnesota.
14. West Virginia.
15. South Carolina.
16. Louisiana..
17. Kentucky.
18. Indiana.
18 U.S. States Prepare eSports Betting Bills For Discussion

Even in Pennsylvania where it is legal to gamble, they are waiting. The state passed gambling expansion law last year. Immediately after passing the real money casino betting law, the state wants more. The state calls for sports wagering regulations. But it has to wait how the ruling at the U.S. Supreme Court goes. Connecticut is exceptional in this. The state does not want to expect what will come from the Supreme Court. Already, the state has its own sports betting laws.

Chris Grove, the MD for E&K Research Firm, is optimistic that the Supreme Court will find PASPA with a lot of flaws. “Assuming a Supreme Court permits it, we will see the largest simultaneous expansion. This will be the biggest endeavor in the U.S. history with sports betting,” E&K MD Chris Grove says.

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Will The 18 U.S. States Get The E-Sports Betting Bills Passed?

According to analysts, all may not go well with the 18. Analysts agree in one accord that 11 are likely to pass bills into laws. But Grove opines that if the 11 or 18 pass laws, 30 more will follow. If this happens, all U.S. States will pass esports betting laws. This will mark the end of the federal ban. Currently, only a handful of states have offer sports betting. As things are, this is likely to change soon. This is if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the State of New Jersey.

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